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Gem Points For IBPS SO (Specialist Officer) – Part 4

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Hello Aspirants,as we all know only few days are left for IBPS SO exam.So, we are starting a new series ” Gem points ” in this regard.We will post 50 points daily in two posts( 25 each ).learn them by heart.Share and discuss in comment section.We will gear up level day by day starting from very basics.So,Put your Seatbelts on and join us in the journey to be a specialist officer.

1)Files created with Lotus 1-2-3 have an extension 123

2)Device drivers that are loaded in windows 3.X are loaded into the sytem.ini file.

3)30 pin SIMM’s, 72 pin SIMM’s, 168 pin DIMM’s types of RAM sockets can be seen on mother boards.

4) The standard defined for fiber optics is 802.8

5)A longer instruction length may be -1024 to 1023

6)Digitizers can be converted from “dumb” to “smart” through the addition of a microprocessor

7)The extension of database file is given by dbf

8)Usually security in a network is achieved by cryptography

9)In MS-logo Bye command is used to come out from that screen

10)PSTN stands for public switched telephone network

11)A protocol that permits the transfer of files between computer on the network is FTP

12)The shortest path in routing can refer to the least expensive path

13)In C++ programming, the command to save the program file is F3

14)A data structure, in which an element is added and removed only from one end is known as stack.

15)Gateway uses the greatest number of layers in the OSI model

16)A set of standards by which servers communicate with external programs is called common gateway interface

17) Netiquettes are some rules and regulations that have to be followed by users.

18)Multi vibrator is a two stage amplifier with output of one feedback to the input of the other.

19)A set of devices or combination of hardware and software that protects the systems on one side from system on the other side is firewall.

20)When bandwidth of medium exceeds the required bandwidth of signals to be transmitted we use frequency division multiplexing

21)Simple, transparent, multi post are bridge types.

22)65535 characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel.

23)DBRM takes care of storage of data in a data base.

24)Various input and output devices have a standard way of connecting to the CPU and Memory. These are called interface standards.

25)Acknowledgement from a computer that a packet of data has been received and
verified is known as ACK.

26)Acoustic coupler is a communications device which allows an ordinary
telephone to be used with a computer.