GA Questions asked in SBI PO Mains Exam 2022 – 2nd January

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As you Know, the “ SBI PO Mains Examination 2021-2022” was conducted across the country on 2nd January 2022. Affairscloud Team has provided the complete set of General Awareness Questions asked in the SBI PO Mains Examination 2021-2022 in the post below. We hope Aspirants have performed well in the exam.


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GA Questions asked in Exam 40QCollected 36 – Covered 29 – Level: Moderate

Current Affairs –  28 Questions

  • Covered – 23
  • Not Covered – 5 (Q8, Q30, Q34, Q35, Q36)

Note: Most of the Questions are from Last 6 months.

Current Static Banking & Finance – 2 Questions

  • Covered – 2

Current Static GK – 4 Questions

  • Covered – 4

Static GK – 2 Questions

  • Not Covered – 2 (Q27, Q33)

*Total Number Question Covered in APP Quiz :20

1.During the ____ edition of Miss Universe competition India’s Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned as 2021’s Miss Universe -70th
App Quiz-ACT Dec 14 2021 – Q13

2.Which organisation partnered with Invest India (in Dec’21) to launch ‘Startup Innovation Challenge’ for developing 5G & IoT solutions? -Airtel 
App Quiz- ACT Dec 10 2021 – Q4

3.Recently, RBI increased the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) transaction limit from Rs 2 lakhs to _______. -Rs 5 lakhs
App Quiz-ACT Oct 10-11 2021 – Q 13

4.Damon Galgut was awarded 2021’s Booker Prize for which Novel? -The Promise
App Quiz-ACT Nov 6 2021 – Q 9

5.Wholesale Price Index (WPI) reached 14.23% in November 2021, highest level in the last ____ year. -12 
App Quiz- ACT Dec 29 2021 – Q 8

6.Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi was awarded with the 2022 Royal Gold Medal, which is annually awarded by which country? -Britain
App Quiz- ACT Dec 11 2021 – Q 12

7.Where is the RBI Banking Ombudsman Office for Centralised Receipt and Processing Centre (CRPC) located? -Chandigarh 

8.How many Public Sector Bank branches are there in India (as of Jan’22)? – 85,166
Content- Not Covered

9.Who headed the Resolution Framework – 2.0: Resolution of Covid-19 related stress of Individuals and Small Businesses? -K. V. Kamath

10.WHO assigns Greek letters to COVID-19 variants, What is the Greek Numeric Value assigned for ‘Omicron’ variant? -15th
App Quiz- ACT Nov 28&29 2021 – Q 6

11.Name the MSME Public Procurement Policy Monitoring Portal. -MSME Sambandh 

12.Which of the following banks has merged with Bank of Baroda in 2019? -Vijaya Bank
App Quiz- ACT Dec 21 2021 – Q4

13.The PLI scheme was extended to promote MMF. What does the second ‘M’ in ‘MMF’ stand for? -Made (Man-Made Fabric)
App Quiz- ACT Nov 24 2021 – Q30

14.What is the total stake held by State Bank of India (SBI) in Jio Payment Bank? -30%

15.Statement based Question -7 PM MITRA parks
App Quiz- ACT Oct 8 2021 – Q 3

16.What is India’s GDP estimated by the National Statistical Office (NSO) for Q2 FY22? -8.4%

App Quiz- ACT Dec 2 2021 – Q 10

17.Match the following Companies with their respective CEOs:
(Here all are Correctly matched)
i. IBM – Arvind Krishna
ii. Alphabet – Sundar Pichai
iii. Microsoft – Satya Nadella
iv.Adobe – Shantanu Narayen
v. Micron Technology – Sanjay Mehrotra

18.Where was the 13th Asia–Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit held? -Phnom Penh, Cambodia
App Quiz- ACT Nov 29 2021 – Q 5

19.Which Region was categorised as the World’s Most Unequal region in the World Inequality Report 2022? -MENA (Middle East and North Africa)
App Quiz- ACT Dec 9 2021 – Q 6

20.What is the FDI limit in India in the Defence Sector (as of Jan’22)? – 74%

21.Statement based question – PM Awas Yojana

22.Statement based question – PM Kaushal Yojana

23.Who won 2021’s FIDE World Chess Championship? -Magnus Carlsen
App Quiz- ACT Dec 13 2021 – Q 15

24.Elon musk was named as 2021’s ‘Person of the Year’ by Which Magazine? -Time
App Quiz- ACT Dec 15 2021 – Q 15

25.In 2021 Kantar’s Brandz India report amazon was named as the most purposeful technology brand while ____ topped under FMCG brand and _____ topped Non-FMCG brand respectively, Tata Tea & Asian Paints
App Quiz- ACT Nov 27 2021 – Q 4

26.Statement based Question (3 statements) – 47th Ramsar Site
App Quiz- ACT Dec 14 2021 – Q 4

27.Which Schedule defines the powers & functions of States & Union Territories in India? -Seventh Schedule

28.Statement based Question – India’s 1st Manned Ocean Mission ‘Samudrayan’
App Quiz-  ACT Nov 1 2021 – Q 1

29.Australia cancelled deal with France and entered into the AUKUS partnership to purchase ________ -Nuclear Powered Submarines
App Quiz- ACT Nov 23 2021 – Q 5

30.Who is the Comet C/2021 A1 that recently (in Dec’21) made its closest visit to the Earth was popularly known as? -Comet Leonard
Content- Not Covered

31.What is the maximum financial assistance provided to any specific projects under SFURTI Scheme? -Rs 8 crore 

32.Statement based question – PCA Framework 
App Quiz- ACT Dec 16 2021 – Q 8

33.The World Bank arm which was established in 1960 to provide interest-free loans and grants to governments of the poorest countries? International Development Association
Content- Not Covered

34.Name the program that was launched by the National Commission for Women (NCW) to  provide leadership skills to women political leaders. -She is a Changemaker
Content- Not Covered

35.In December 2021,______, an Online shopping platform rebranded itself as Blinkit – Grofers
Content- Not Covered, Added in Excluded news December 2021, Row No- 444

36.Who authored the book “All In: An Autobiography”? -Billie Jean King
Content- Not Covered

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