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Five Indian students win Airbus innovation contest

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At an award function held in  Hamburg, Germany on Wednesday 27th May 2015, five Indian students, won the fourth edition of Airbus Fly Your Ideas global competition organised in partnership with UNESCO in order to encourage next generation of  innovators. Team Multifun, comprising aerospace engineering students Sathiskumar Anusuya Ponnusami, Shashank Agarwal, Dhamotharan Veerasamy, Mojit Gupta and Ajith Mosses.

  • They had bagged the top price of  Euros 30,000.
  • Only at the final round of the event  the wining team physically met as they worked from four locations.
  • Two students were studying at IISc ,Bangalore, one student at City University, London,one in Georgia Tech in USA, and other student was from Delft university of technology, Netherlands.
  • Out of 518 multi-disciplinary teams representing 3700 students from 100 countries who submitted their ideas in December 2014, these five students were selected.
  • Multifun teams winning idea involved aircraft wings in composite skin that collects energy from natural vibrations or flex in the wings.
  • Piezo electric fibres get electric charges from smallest movements in the flight and store the energy in battery cells.
  • The energy is then used to power auxillary in-flight systems.
  • According to a statement, the energy footprint of an aircraft during flight would be reduced and could replace the total power source for ground functions.


  • It refers to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural organisation.
  • Formed in16th Novenber 1945 and headquarters is in Paris,France.
  • It is an specialised agency of UN.
  • Its main objective is to contribute peace and security.
  • Head isIrina Bokova .


Piezoelectricity — what it is ??

  • It is the electric charge which is accumulated in certain solid materials in responce to the mechanical stress .
  • It was discovered in the year 1880.
  • French Physicists Jacques and Pierre curie found piezoelectricity.
  • Its applications includes detection of sound,generation of high voltages,electronic frequency generation etc.