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Five New Hot Jupiters Discovered

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Scientists have discovered five new exoplanets coining them hot Jupiters. Researchers from keele university in UK used WASP-South (Wide Angle Search for Planets-South) to observe southern sky and study the five stars. The newly discovered planets have been named as WASP 119b, WASP 114b,WASP 126 b, WASP 129 b and WASP 133 b.

Features Of The PlanetsNew Hot Jupiters

  • Mass ranges between 0.3 to 1.2 mass of Jupiter
  • Radii ranges between 1 to 1.5 of Jupiter
  • Orbital periods from 2.17 to 5.75 days

Unique Features

  • 119b- 2 mass of Jupiter, orbital period-2.5 days, older than the sun
  • 124b-6 mass of Jupiter, orbital period- 3.4 days
  • 126 b- lowest mass, brightest of five ,lowest surface gravity
  • 129b- same in size of Jupiter, longest orbital period, highest surface gravity
  • 133 b- 2 mass of Jupiter,1.2 radius of Jupiter, shortest orbital period

Key points : 

  • Discovery published on February 4, in arXiv journal
  • Studied by SAAO(South African Astronomical Observatory), outside Sutherland
  • WASP-The most successful ground based searchers for transiting exoplanets