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First UN World Cotton Day – 7th October 2021

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World Cotton DayWorld Cotton Day is annually observed across the globe on 7th October to celebrate the contribution of the stakeholder of the cotton sector towards economic development. The day also fosters the sustainable trade policies for cotton and enables the least developed countries to gain more benefits along the cotton value chain.

7th October 2021 marks the observance of the first ever official United Nations(UN) World Cotton Day. 

According to the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), the event theme for 2021 World Cotton Day is ‘Cotton for Good’. 


i.The Idea of observing World Cotton Day on 7th October of every year was proposed by the Cotton Four, the 4 cotton producing countries of Africa, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali.

ii.The World Trade Organization (WTO) hosted the first World Cotton Day (WCD) in Geneva on 7th October 2019.

  • The event was organised by the WTO in collaboration with the Secretariats of  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development(UNCTAD), International Trade Centre (ITC) and ICAC.

iii.On 30th August 2021, the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) recognised World Cotton Day by adopting the resolution A/RES/75/318 declaring the 7th October of every year as World Cotton Day. 


i.Cotton is a durable and naturally organic fiber, used in textiles, animal feed, edible oils, cosmetics or fuel.

ii.The cotton plant which is resistant to climatic change can be planted in dry and arid zones.

iii.It occupies just 2.1% of the world’s arable land, and meets 27% of the world’s textile needs.


i.India is the largest producer of Cotton followed by the USA and China.

ii.In India Maharashtra is the leading producer of cotton followed by Gujarat.

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2021-2030:

i.According to the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2021-2030,  India(25%), China(22%), the United States of America(USD)(15%), Brazil(10%) will continue to dominate the global cotton production which is estimated to reach around 28.4 million tonnes(mt) and India will continue to be the world’s largest cotton producer.

ii.India, China, USA, Brazil, and Pakistan are the major producers of cotton which contributes more than 3 quarters of global production.

iii.China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam, the 5 asian countries, account for 75% of the total mill consumption of cotton.