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First aqueous solar flow battery designed

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Ohio State University researchers in Washington made a breakthrough discovery by designing world’s first AQUEOUS SOLAR FLOW BATTERY by bringing the solar cell and battery into a single device which achieves more savings of energy than a regular battery on AUGUST 2, 2015.


  • In this new design, the solar panel on the top of the battery is a solid sheet instead of the mesh seen in the earlier design.
  • 20 percent energy saving comes from sunlight, which is captured by a unique solar panel on top of the battery.
  • This name Aqueous Solar Flow Battery is given because of utilization of a water-based electrolyte inside the battery, circulation of water takes place inside it.
  • The new aqueous flow battery doesn’t need air to function, so the solar panel is now a solid sheet.
  • The main difference between regular battery and solar flow battery is the typical battery had to be charged to 3.6 volts to discharge 3.3 volts. The solar flow battery was charged to only 2.9 volts, because the solar panel made up the difference. There is a energy savings of nearly 20 percent.
  • The research is still ongoing by the researchers trying to make the battery more efficient.