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EU strikes a deal with Turkey to return Migrants

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The EU has struck a deal with Turkey that would allow all refugees and migrants arriving in Europe being sent back across the Aegean Sea.

EU & Turkey

Confirmation of deal

  • The European council president, Donald Tusk, confirmed the deal on Friday afternoon after clearing the key sticking points with the Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu

What is the deal?

  • The agreement means that all refugees and migrants arriving in Greecefrom Sunday can expect to be returned to Turkey
  • In return for taking back refugees, Turkey can expect re-energised talks on its EU membership
  • The EU has also agreed to speed up the disbursement of €3bn (£2.3bn) intended to help Syrian refugees in Turkey

Controversy over the deal

  • For every Syrian refugee the EU sends back across the Aegean, a Syrian in Turkey will be given a new home in Europe.
  • However the refugees from Turkey has been fixed at 72000 short of the 1,08,000 refugees suggested by International aid agencies

Proposals agreed & denied

  • Turkey’s proposal to rejoin EU has not been fully considered providing relief to the Ankara state only in terms of Budget
  • Turkey cannot get visa-free travel for its citizens by its preferred June deadline, without following 73 stringent conditions
  • Turkey has promised that all returned people will be treated in line with international law, including guarantees that they will not be returned to the countries they have fled from

Key points

  • Turkey’s Capital– Ankara
  • EU has 28 member nations