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English Revision Questions – Set 5

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Read the directions carefully before attempting the questions. This is an eclectic quiz based on different topics for SBI PO exam. Take as much time as you want while attempting the quiz. Do not worry about the score. In case of any query, put it down in the ‘Comments’ section.

The level of quiz is hard.

Directions (1-4) For each of the following questions select the answer pair that expresses a relationship most similar to that expressed in the capitalized pair.

    1.Saturnine: energy
    2.Boundless: expanse
    3.Inquisitive: science
    4.Complete: retraction
    5.Omnivorous: befitting
    Answer – 2.Boundless: expanse
    Explanation :
    ‘Omniscient’ has unlimited knowledge. ‘Boundless’ has unlimited expanse. Hence, they are related to each other.

    1.Nonplus: perplexed
    2.Cupidity: bellicose
    3.Embellishment: overstated
    4.Magnitude: unabridged
    5.Symbolism: perpetration
    Answer – 1.Nonplus: perplexed
    Explanation :
    ‘Disquietude’ is the state of being anxious. ‘Nonplus’ is the state of being confused. So, there is a relation between these two.

    1.Meander: drive
    2.Disown: friend
    3.Welcome: indifference
    4.Entreat: solicitation
    5.Engross: petrify
    Answer – 1.Meander: drive
    Explanation :
    One ‘deviates’ during a ‘lecture’ and one ‘meanders’ during a ‘drive’. Hence, they are related to each other.

    1.Insincere: misanthrope
    2.Benevolent: excellence
    3.Insipid: taste
    4.Composed: innocence
    5.Opportunity: trifle
    Answer – 3.Insipid: taste
    Explanation :
    ‘Nebulous’ lacks form. ‘Insipid’ lacks taste. Hence, there is a relation between these two.

Directions (5 – 6): Each question below consists of an incomplete sentence. Four words or pharses marked A, B, C and D are given beneath each sentence. Mark the option that best completes the sentence.

  1. ___________________ made after English settlers came to Jamestown was a map of Virginia by John Smith, the famous adventurer.
    1.It was the first map
    2.The first map
    3.There was a first map
    4.That the first map
    5.None of the above
    Answer – 2.The first map
    Explanation :
    1 and 3 can be ruled out because the verb (was) cannot be used twice in this sentence . Also, period (or full stop) at the end of the sentence implies that it is a complete sentence. So, by filling the blank with option 4, the sentence won’t be complete. Hence, 2 .D Options A and C are cases of misplaced modifier error. Option B can be ruled out as the correct usage would be ‘number of people’ instead of ‘amount of people’.

  2. The concert this weekend promises to attract________________ than the last one.
    1.a number of people even larger even larger amount of people
    3.a group of people even exceeding even greater number of people
    5.None of the above
    Answer – even greater number of people
    Explanation :
    Option 2 can be ruled out as the correct usage would be ‘number of people’ instead of ‘amount of people’.Option 3 is wrong; it should be ‘exceeding the last one’. Option 1 is a case of misplaced modifier – it should be ‘an even larger number of people’. Hence 4.
    (Modifiers – Sarah was a sure fit for junior prom queen.
    Now consider the same sentence with multiple modifiers added: – The blonde girl named Sarah, who was a foreign exchange student from England, quickly climbed the ladder of popularity during her junior year, smiling her way through cheerleading and an ASB presidency term she inched near the top and was a sure fit as junior prom queen.)

Directions (7-8): A partially completed paragraph below is followed by fillers. From the options, identify the right options that will best complete the paragraph.

  1. In cultivating team spirit, one should not forget the importance of discipline. (___________) Itis the duty of all the members of the team to observe discipline in its proper perspective.
    a.A proper team spirit can seldom be based on discipline.
    b.It is a well-known fact that team spirit and discipline can never go hand in hand
    c.Discipline in its right perspective would mean sacrificing self to some extent.
    1.a and b only
    2.b and c only
    3.Either a or b only
    4.c only
    5.all a, b and c
    Answer – 4.c only
    Explanation :
    Statements a and b can be ruled out because they go against the idea of “importance of discipline” introduced in the first sentence. So the answer would be statement c which carries the same idea forward. Hence, the answer would be option 4.

  2. Forests are gifts of nature (______________).Yet, with the spread of civilisation, man has not only spurned the forests, but has been ruthlessly destroying them.
    a.It is on historical record that the vast Sahara Desert of today once used to be full of thick forests.
    b.A large part of humanity still lives deep inside forests, particularly in the tropical regions of the earth.
    c.Human evolution itself has taken place in the forests.
    1.Only a and b
    2.Only c and a
    3.Only c and b
    4.Only b
    5.Only a
    Answer – 3.Only c and b
    Explanation :
    Statement a can be ruled out because it does not fit in the context of the passage. Statement c and statement b would be the correct answer since, they agree with the subject of the passage and are in the right chronological order.

Directions (9-10): Select the correct sentence from the following.

  1. 1.He made a blunder mistake.
    2.I have learnt this lesson word by word.
    3.She does not know swimming.
    4.He got his daughter married.
    5.All wrong
    Answer – 4
    Explanation :
    In option 1 ‘mistake’ is redundant because ‘blunder’ and ‘mistake’ mean the same and are unnecessarily repeated. One does not learn word by word but reads word by word, hence 2 is also wrong.  Option C is wrong because it should be ‘she does not know how to swim’. Hence, option 4 is the correct answer.

  2. 1.The average male investor expects to see all his investment stocks moving up, and they are often disappointed.
    2.The people in my country are smarter than in other countries.
    3.The number of failures of product in final quality inspection are increasing every year.
    4.Before restructuring a firm, the CEO must consider the employees.
    5.All wrong
    Answer – 2
    Explanation :
    Option 1 is incorrect; ‘they’ has been wrongly used for an investor. Option 2 is correct as it draws a parallel comparison. Option 3 is incorrect as it uses ‘are’ for ‘the number’. ‘The number’ is always singular. Option 4 is incorrect as in this context the CEO must ‘consult’ the employees not consider. ‘Consider the employees’ does not bring out any meaning.

Directions (11 to 13): In each of these questions, four of the five sentences contribute to the main idea of a paragraph. Find the sentence which does not contribute to the main idea of the paragraph.

  1. 1.It is apparent that the real aim of the month-long ban on social media sites in Kashmir is to prevent circulation of protest videos by young Kashmiris, many of which recordblatant human rights violations.
    2.This move reiterates the extent to which the central and state governments can go in order to counter local narratives of how Kashmiris see the Indian state.
    3.Promoting a culture of verification before sharing a message would mean that government officials and politicians would be expected to emulate some of these values.
    4.An entire generation of Kashmiris has grown up witnessing unapologetic state censorship, be it in the form of cellular ban or ban on social media.
    5.The government pretends to ignore that the stone pelting and the videos of protest are not “anti-social” or against the “public at large” but against the state.
    Answer – 3

  2. 1.The latest strike against public universities in general and social science education in particular has come in the form of the recent cutbacks in funding from the University Grants Commission (UGC).
    2.The universities where such centres are entirely dependent on plan funds, face the risk of closure or reduction of capacity.
    3.The UGC’s ambivalent stance on funding has threatened the futures of many teachers, researchers and students, as well as the emerging disciplines and discourses.
    4.Spread across major public universities in India, these social science research centres have varying levels of dependence on plan funds.
    5.Such centres championed a new and critical research agenda, powered by new faculty and students, of intersectional approaches to caste, class and gender.
    Answer –  5  

  3. 1.The workers were thus left with no alternative but to strike work. On the first May Day, 1 May 1886, hundreds of thousands of North American workers were mobilised to strike for the eight-hour workday.
    2.As was to be expected, the labour movement had to face the organised opposition of the capitalist class who were backed by the commercial media and the police, the latter, known for its brutality.
    3.Four men, totally innocent, were executed, whose only “crime” was that they were radical labour militants who were relentlessly fighting for the rights of workers,
    4.The capitalists had resisted implementing the eight-hour workday, and the lawmakers and the law-enforcers just chose to ignore the legal violation.
    5.Indeed, for most trade unions, May Day is not even a day when they pay homage to the struggles of the past, let alone symbolising the struggle for a future beyond capitalism.
    Answer – 5

Note : There have been a lot of queries regarding the Descriptive section. We will be posting the strategy to write descriptive as soon as the Pre result is out. Meanwhile you can mail your essays or letter to [email protected] for review.