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English Questions: Vocabulary set-6

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are providing you some words that help you in your all competitive exams !!!


1. Aesthetic

Meaning – concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste. ( सौंदर्यात्‍मक )

Usage – Would you mind giving me your aesthetic opinion of my new handbag?

2. Zealot

Meaning – one who is uncompromising and fanatical in pursuit of his ideals. ( समर्थक )

Usage – The political zealot walked over a thousand miles to get people to sign his petition.

3. Construe

Meaning – to clarify what something means. ( आशय बतलाना )

Usage – There was no way I could construe Jenny’s mumbled words as a sincere apology.

4. Xenophobia

Meaning – a dread or dislike of anything or anyone foreign, especially people from other cultures and races. ( अज्ञातजन भीति )

Usage – Shane’s xenophobia prevents him from going to social events where there are people he does not know.

5. Virtuoso

Meaning – a person (esp. a musician) who does something in a very skillful way. ( दक्ष संगीतज्ञ )

Usage – Megamind is a musical virtuoso who runs his own school of music.

6. Sullen

Meaning – bad tempered and gloomy. ( बदमिजाज़ )

Usage – If my father does not get his coffee during breakfast, he becomes a very sullen man.

7. Ponderous

Meaning – very boring or dull. ( नीरस )

Usage – Raj Goel quickly fell asleep during the ponderous movie.

8. Obdurate

Meaning – unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn. ( जिद्दी )

Usage – Sometimes, you are too obdurate for your own good!

9. Nuptials

Meaning – a ceremony of marriage. ( शादी )

Usage – Jim is looking forward to his bachelor party the night before his nuptials.

10. Zephyr

Meaning – a light or delicate wind ( हल्की हवा )

Usage – The zephyr did very little to cool us off as we sat on the hot porch.