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English Questions: Vocabulary set-2

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are providing you some words that help you in your all competitive exams !!!


  1. ADHERENT (noun)
    Meaning-A Supporter, As Of A Cause Or Individual, A Vote That Pleased Adherents Of Education Reform
    in Hindi-समर्थक,पक्षपाती
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    Synonyms-Satellite, Upholder, Partisan, Follower, Disciple etc.
    Usage-he was a strong adherent of monetarism.
  2. APOCRYPHAL (adj)
    meaning-being of questionable authenticity.
    In Hindi-अप्रमाणिक, मणगढ़ंत.
    Synonyms-Spurious, Fictitious, False, Equivocal, Mythic etc.
    Usage- an apocryphal story about a former president.
  3. CLAIRVOYANCE (noun)
    meaning-The Supposed Power To See Objects Or Events That Cannot Be Perceived By The Senses.
    in Hindi-अतीन्द्रिय दृष्टि
    Synonyms- Clear Sight, Second-Sight, sixth sense etc.
    usages- she stared at the card as if she could contact its writer by clairvoyance.
  4. BESMIRCH (verb)
    meaning-To Spoil, Damage The Reputation Of (Someone Or Something) In The Opinion Of Others.
    in Hindi- बर्बाद करना
    Synonyms-Sully, Discolor etc
    usages-Raghav besmirched the dining table with sambhar.
  5. BELLIGERENT (adj)
    meaning- Inclined Or Eager To Fight; Hostile Or Aggressive.
    in Hindi- झगड़ालूपन
    Synonyms- Contentious, Pugnacious, Bellicose, Warlike, Antagonistic etc.
    usages- a bull-necked, belligerent old man.
    meaning- Alienation: Separation Resulting From Hostility.
    in Hindi- सम्बन्ध विच्छेदन, दूरी
    Synonyms- Alienation,antipathy,disaffection
    usages- the growing estrangement of the police from their communities.
  7. EXPOSTULATE (verb)
    meaning- Express Strong Disapproval Or Disagreement
    in Hindi- मनाना,आपत्ति
    Synonyms- Inveigh, Except, Kick, Challenge, Squawk
    usages- I expostulated with him in vain
  8. IGNOMINIOUS (adj)
    meaning- deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
    in Hindi- कलंकित, शर्मनाक
    Synonyms- Degrading, Despicable, Debasing, Discreditable, Shameful etc.
    usages- no other party risked ignominious defeat
  9. IMPORTUNATE (adj)
    meaning- Troublesomely Urgent Or Persistent In Requesting; Pressingly Entreating.
    in Hindi- हठपूर्ण
    Synonyms- Persistent, Urgent, Teasing, Unendurable etc.
    usages- importunate creditors.
  10. JEJUNE (adj)
    meaning- naive, simplistic, and superficial.
    in Hindi- फीका, नीरस
    Synonyms- Naive, Puerile, Barren, Childish, Dry etc.
    usages- their entirely predictable and usually jejune opinions.