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English Questions: Sentence correction set-6

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section Quiz in Here we are creating question sample in Spotting Errors Section, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB exam and other competitive exams.

Which of the option (1), (2) (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replaced the words in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? if the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer.

  1. Indian car market is losing traction as most companies either remained negative nor posted marginal growth in June.
    A. as remained negative so
    B. if remained negative or
    C. neither remained negative or
    D. either remained ngative or
    E. No correction required.
    Answer- D

  2. The US economy is present in the face off a series recession.
    A. having to face of at present
    B. presently facing up
    C. presented on the face of
    D. presently facing
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- D

  3. Reliance industries, India’s largest private sector companies in terms of revenue, had emerged as the largest investor in private equity funds in the country.
    A. has emerged as the largest
    B. has been emerged as the largest
    C. have emerged as the largest
    D. had emerged as the largest
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- A

  4. One the key competencies for managers are ethics and the ability to motivate others.
    A. between the key competencies
    B. Among the key competency
    C. including the key competencies
    D. within the key competence
    E. No correction Required
    Answer- B

  5. Greece’s government appeared to be caving into demands from its creditors on Wednesday,offering concessions in a desperate attempt to get more aid hours after its bailout program expired.
    A. offers concessions in a desperate
    B. offered concession in a desperate
    C. offers concession in desperate
    D. has offered concessions in desperate
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- E

  6. “once the news slowly began to sink in, i become really confident of handling this new responsibility.
    A. i became confident
    B. me become really confident
    C. i becomes really confident
    D. i became really confident
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- D

  7. We have failed assessment of the advantages of outsourcing our IT operations.
    A. in assessment
    B. in not assessing up
    C. to assess
    D. the assessment of
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- C

  8. The first-ever renewal of clearances for foreign funding to NGOs has been delayed and new and stringent rules are being framed to govern them.
    A. have been delayed and
    B. has delayed and
    C. had been delayed
    D. had delayed
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- A

  9. The noise and heat of our political promise to throw parliaments’s monsoon session into chaotic paralysis.
    A. our politics promises
    B. our political promises
    C. our politics promise
    D. our promises of politics
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- C

  10. The Centre wants to send 15 MoS as special envoys to invite each and every African leader personally for the October meeting.
    A. the centre wanted to send
    B. the centre wants to sent
    C. the centre wanted to sent
    D. the cenntre wanted to the send
    E. No correction Required.
    Answer- A