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English Questions for IBPS/RRB Exam Set – 9

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section Quiz in Here we are creating question sample in fill in the blank section, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB exam and other competitive exams.

  1. Changes in sales, for example, need not to analysed with respect other______________,because the sell of a product may ‘naturally’ have its own patterns trends, seasonal or cyclical fluctuations.
    A. Variables
    B. Tools
    C. Statistics
    D. Regions
    E. Countries
    A. Variables

  2. There is an old idea in economics that a rich and a poor country are___________by trade, their standard of living should converge in the long run.
    A. Mixed
    B. Linked
    C. Away
    D. Similar
    E. Meeting
    B. Linked

  3. An important____________of Indian Business has been its long term focus.
    A. Draw
    B. Neglect
    C. Venture
    D. Figure
    E. Failing
    E. Failing

  4. All countries have consumer price indices, some more reliable that others, some quite out of date, but all concerned with___________overall price changes.
    A. controlling
    B. Measuring
    C. Publishing
    D. Reducing
    E. Teaching
    B. Measuring

  5. The internet may not___________everything we do, but it has already revolutionized business and will continue to do so.
    A. Mark
    B. Prove
    C. Change
    D. Help
    E. Stop
    C. Change

  6. These two examples__________that indian companies are capable of acquiring a global mind set.
    A. need
    B. right
    C. generate
    D. illustrate
    E. follow
    D. illustrate

  7. Anger, the psychologists say, has as much to do with cooperation as with conflicts, fend emotions are used to___________others into cooperating in long run.
    A. Prod
    B. bringing
    C. take
    D. invite
    E. ask
    A. Prod

  8. What started as a matter of national pride seems to be coming in for___________a budget that has quadrupled.
    A. Shame
    B. feedback
    C. loss
    D. flak
    E. increase
    A. Shame

  9. In the first public comments , the president said with concern that the leak of classified information from the battlefield could potentially_____________individuals or operations.
    A. Strengthen
    B. kill
    C. jeopardize
    D. disturb
    E. identity
    C. jeopardize

  10. By the government’s____________some relief from raging price rise can happen anytime in the next six months.
    A. notice
    B. reckoning
    C. plan
    D. suggestions
    E. Posting
    B. reckoning