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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 49

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from CLOZE TEST which is based on IBPS PO MAINS PATTERN. !!!


A powerful two-term Chief Minister of a central Indian State was seen..(1)..bowing and..(2)..and loudly saying “Yes Sir, No Sir, As you please, Sir” to an..(3)..High Court judge. A friend of the Chief Minister later asked him why the most powerful man in a huge State was ..(4) someone who only a few months prior, as an undistinguished government..(5)..would not have been given even an audience. The Chief Minister’s eyes twinkled as he replied to his friend, “Now, he is one of the few people who can remove me from my chair”. The friend’s eyes twinkled as well when he recollected that the Chief Minister too owed his fortune to his predecessor having to resign after a court verdict.
The story may be..(6).., as many stories from the bar are, but it explains exactly why judicial appointments are so vital in the running of a constitutional democracy. It also explains why the executive and legislature seek to have a say in the process of selecting judges and why today’s judges zealously seek to protect their two decade-old process of..(7)..conception, unassisted by other organs of the state.
Till 1993, judges were appointed by the executive in consultation with the judiciary. In good times, consultation with the judiciary went beyond seeking of opinion to attempt a..(8)… However, the judicial voice was often neither dominant nor..(9)…In bad times, however, governments made calls for a “committed judiciary”, attempted to court-pack and sometimes indulged in rank favouritism. The situation..(10)..Ram Jethmalani to famously remark, “There are two kinds of judges, those who know the law and those who know the law minister.”


  1. A. obsequiously
    B. confidentially
    C. assertively
    D. presumptuously
    A. obsequiously
    flattering,चापलूसी भरे ढंग से

  2. A. aloof
    B. peevish
    C. scraping
    D. disinterested
    C. scraping
    showing excessive politeness,अधिक विनम्रता दिखाना

  3. A. insincere
    B. evasive
    C. destructive
    D. innocuous
    D. innocuous
    innocent,सीधा सादा

  4. A. proud
    B. kowtowing
    C. disinterested
    D. unfriendly
    B. kowtowing

  5. A. betrayer
    B. antagonist
    C. assailant
    D. pleader
    D. pleader

  6. A. embodied
    B. concrete
    C. apocryphal
    D. authentic
    C. apocryphal

  7. A. grisly
    B. immaculate
    C. filthy
    D. unsterile
    B. immaculate

  8. A. consensus
    B. disagreement
    C. comrade
    D. Reckon
    A. consensus

  9. A. procrastinating
    B. decisive
    C. indecisive
    D. procrastinating
    B. decisive

  10. A. cautious
    B. heedful
    C. premeditative
    D. prompted
    D. prompted