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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 47

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from CLOZE TEST which is based on IBPS PO MAINS PATTERN. !!!

Mr. Parker’s..(1)..during the impressive conversation with BBC Presenter Mishal Husain sounded refreshing and worthy of..(2)…What he said during this unusual interview was remarkable — he pointed fingers at some elements born and raised in the U.K. as the primary source of danger. He could not have been more..(3)..and truthful. A counter-intelligence agency can normally identify and defang..(4)..infiltrators from abroad, under cover in an alien territory. However, how does one take care of the threat posed by some members from the local population itself? How does one..(5)..anti-national citizens waiting for an opportunity to strike at their own motherland? These are issues which cry for answers and clear..(6)…
The average citizen does not often comprehend that he has a major role in this vital exercise of..(7)..domestic enemies, a surgery that is performed at the grass roots. In this respect, both the MI5 and our very own Intelligence Bureau have their tasks cut out, mainly because modern terrorism has..(8)..national borders and has been consumed by fearful religious fanaticism. The Bombay blast of 1993 was..(9)..principally by our own nationals. The Indian Mujahedeen (IM) — grown on the domestic soil and watered by agencies across the border — is currently our principal terror outfit. It may be numerically small, but has a..(10)..that is difficult to underestimate.

  1. A. candour
    B. unfairness
    C. enchant
    D. commotion
    A. candour

  2. A. consideration
    B. emulation
    C. satisfaction
    D. contentment
    B. emulation
    ambition To equal,बराबरी की चेष्ठा

  3. A. devious
    B. ingenuous
    C. precise
    D. inaccurate
    C. precise
    determinate, निश्चित

  4. A. unsung
    B. combative
    C. agreeable
    D. hostile
    D. hostile

  5. A. ferret out
    B. forfeit
    C. exhaust
    D. dither
    A. ferret out

  6. A. impolite
    B. impoliteness
    C. tactics
    D. equitable
    C. tactics

  7. A. eschew
    B. extirpating
    C. leave alone
    D. forbear
    B. extirpating
    destroye completely,root out,जड़ से उखाड़ना

  8. A. barnstorm
    B. maneuver
    C. lose
    D. transcended
    D. transcended
    surpass,पार करना

  9. A. curb
    B. constrain
    C. perpetrated
    D. abstain
    C. perpetrated

  10. A. fervour
    B. indifference
    C. lethargy
    D. hideout
    A. fervour