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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 35

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from CLOZE TEST & SAME/OPPOSITE WORDS which is based on IBPS PO MAINS PATTERN. !!!


The government has recently approved Rs. 1,000 crore as seed capital for a new bank called
Bhartiya Mahila Bank, which will be the first of the..(1)..women’s banks that Finance Minister P. Chidambaram announced with much fanfare in his budget speech this year.
An only-for-women bank in these times and in this country — when we mourn everyday new
crime against women and seethe in..(2)..each time at the sheer impotence of our response — is hardly a cause to..(3)..
Women-only banks are another..(4)..of wanting to treat women ‘differently’. We guise this in
many forms, some in garbs of reverence, some as protection, but they are all forms of..(5)..that promote gender-based stereotyping. W omen-only organizations stem from this eagerness to patronize women in the name of..(6)..treatment.
An all-women bank is, at best, a symbolic move. Why do we need such a bank? Don’t women..(7) other banks? Have women customers had problems collecting money from male tellers at cash counters, or in handing over applications to male officers across the counter?
The main reason why millions of women..(8)..access to financial services in India is not because banks are..(9) men or because women don’t get service from regular banks; it is because of overwhelming illiteracy, inability to take part in documentation, inaccessible bank branches, and because men still control the..(10) a family.


  1. (1) prohibitive
    (2) narrow
    (3) absolutely
    (4) partial
    (5) exclusive
    (5) exclusive

  2. (1) impatient
    (2) anger
    (3) passion
    (4) outrageous
    (5) annoy
    (2) anger

  3. (1) publicity
    (2) observe
    (3) dedicate
    (4) celebrate
    (5) revere
    (4) celebrate

  4. (1) instance
    (2) item
    (3) detail
    (4) exemplify
    (5) illustrate
    (1) instance

  5. (1) tolerance
    (2) hatred
    (3) discrimination
    (4) unfair
    (5) equity
    (3) discrimination

  6. (1) valuable
    (2) limited
    (3) complex
    (4) favourite
    (5) preferential
    (5) preferential

  7. (1) transact
    (2) accomplish
    (3) carry
    (4) execute
    (5) commence
    (1) transact

  8. (1) dearth
    (2) deprive
    (3) necessitate
    (4) lack
    (5) deplete
    (4) lack

  9. (1) reinforced
    (2) thrashed
    (3) manned
    (4) supported
    (5) qualified
    (3) manned

  10. (1) worth
    (2) finances
    (3) affair
    (4) resources
    (5) condition
    (2) finances