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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 33

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from FILL IN THE BLANKS & SAME/OPPOSITE WORDS which is based on IBPS PO MAINS PATTERN. !!!


1. Delhi Chief Minister is always keen to _________ the image of a champion of the ________.
A. Forecast, privileged
B. Show, depressed
C. Reflect, downtrodden
D. Preview, underprivileged
E. Project, underdog

E. Project, underdog

2. To_________its business in Latin America, ONGC Videsh has signed an agreement with Petro Amazon to take up exploration activities in the country.
A. spread
B. accumulate
C. expand
D. multiply
E. augment
F. disperse
(1) B and D (2) A and E (3) F and B (4) D and E (5) A and C

(5) A and C

3. I wish to know which exemption or deduction found in the Income Tax Act has been__________in DTC.
A. withdrawn
B. mentioned
C. extroverted
D. permitted
E. abjured
F. inattentive
(1) D and C (2) A and F (3) A and E (4) E and F (5) B and C

(3) A and E

4. Marketing refers to all those activities which __________exchange of goods and services from _________to the people who need them.
A. Allows, consumer
B. Makes, producers
C. Permits, users
D. Facilitate, producers
E. Shows, retailers

D. Facilitate, producers

5.In the eyes of Indian_________gods residing in temples are legal__________
A. Police, action
B. Leadership, course
C. Railway, Guidance
D. Students, work
E. law, entities

E. law, entities

6. The managing committee officials gave the_________That they would look_________the matter.
A. Direction, down upon
B. Indication, to
C. Assurance, into
D. liberation, for
E. Hesitation, at

C. Assurance, into

( questions. 7 to 10) In each of the following question four words are given, of which two are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning.

7. A. Wrangle
B. Overpower
C. Harmony
D. Muffle
a) A-C
b) A-B
c) C-D
d) A-D
e) B-C

a) A-C

8. A. Wastrel
B. Regret
C. Sarcastic
D. Spendthrift
a) A-D
b) C-D
c) A-B
d) B-C
e) A-C

a) A-D

9. A. Profligate
B. Sally
C. Foray
D. Feign
a) B-D
b) C-D
c) A-C
d) B-C
e) A-B

d) B-C

10. A. Worsen
B. Discriminate
C. Ameliorate
D. Compliment
a) C-D
b) A-D
c) A-C
d) B-C
e) A-B

c) A-C