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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 27

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from CLOZE TEST which is based on IBPS PRELIMS PATTERN. !!!

India needs to..(1)..internet and technology if it has to teach all of its huge population, the majority of which is located in remote villages. Now that we have computers and internet, it makes sense to invest in technological.(2)..that will make access to knowledge easier than ever. Instead of..(3)..on outdated models of brick and mortar colleges and universities, we need to create educational delivery mechanisms that can actually take the wealth of human knowledge to the..(4)…The tools for this dissemination will be cheap smartphones, tablets and computers with high speed internet connection. While all these are..(5)..more possible than ever before, there is lot of innovation yet to take place in this space.


  1. A. initiate
    B. embrace
    C. release
    D. Increase
    E. develop
    B. embrace

  2. A. knowledge
    B. support
    C. infrastructure
    D. environment
    E. process
    C. infrastructure

  3. A. increasing
    B. concentrating
    C. developing
    D. clearing
    E. focussing
    E. focussing

  4. A. disperse
    B. waste
    C. lessen
    D. masses
    E. squander
    D. masses

  5. A. becoming
    B. turning
    C. ongoing
    D. changing
    E. keeping
    A. becoming