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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 22

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from CLOZE TEST which is based on IBPS PRELIMS PATTERN.

Our education system today..(1)..mediocrity – in students, in teachers, throughout the system. It is easy to survive as a mediocre student, or a mediocre teacher in an..(2)..institution. No one shuts down a mediocre college or mediocre school. Hard work is always tough, the path to excellence is fraught with..(3)…Mediocrity is comfortable. Our education system will remain sub-par or mediocre until we make it clear that it is not ok to be mediocre. If we want..(4).., mediocrity cannot be tolerated. Mediocrity has to be discarded as an option. Life of those who are..(5).. must be made difficult so that excellence.

  1. A. cheer up
    B. encourages
    C. discourages
    D. outrageous
    E. console
    B. encourages

  2. A. superficial
    B. Natural
    C. educational
    D. social
    E. artificial
    C. educational

  3. A. mollusk
    B. exasperate
    C. confuse
    D. difficulties
    E. manageable
    D. difficulties

  4. A. cogitative
    B. moderate
    C. imperfection
    D. intermediate
    E. excellence
    E. excellence

  5. A. mediocre
    B. exceptional
    C. superior
    D. inferior
    E. extraordinary
    A. mediocre