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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 8

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Fill in the Blanks, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB/SSC CGL/LIC/LDC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Pick out the most effective words from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete in the contest of the sentence.

  1. One big______between the investments in fossils fuels and those in wind power, solar cells, and geothermal energy is that the latter will supply energy in______
    (1) argument, extension
    (2) exception, extension
    (3) difference, renewability
    (4) argument, reality
    (5) difference, perpetuity
    Answer- (3)difference, perpetuity

  2. Much of the______that cricket has is due to the fact it is a_______sport.
    (1) allure, lucrative
    (2) criticism, controversial
    (3) attraction, famous
    (4) flak, super
    (5) None of these
    Answer-(1) allure, lucrative

  3. The problem is not just that FCI has become__________with inefficiency and mismanagement, covering itself into the world’s largest hoarder of grain and a primary__________of food inflation in the country.
    (1) synonymous, driver
    (2) compatible, operator
    (3) identical, trainer
    (4) polar, regulator
    (5) tantamount, guide
    Answer-(1) synonymous, driver

  4. The pilot knew she would be able to see the_______lights of the city from her cockpit window, but she would not seen the fireworks explode to welcome the new year as she would have_______to cruising altitude.
    (1) few, soared
    (2) divine, escalate
    (3) glistening, jumped
    (4) shining, reached
    (5) glittering, climbed
    Answer-(4) shining, reached

  5. If supermarket were so_______, why is the west providing a massive______for agriculture.
    (1) sundry, help
    (2) productive, support
    (3) efficient, subsidy
    (4) Successful, coverage
    (5) myriad, profit
    Answer-(3) efficient, subsidy

  6. RBI clearly understand that some_______treatment are necessary in the beginning to______ingenious aspirants.
    (1) essential, push
    (2) imperative, obviate
    (3) difference, prevent
    (4) differential, deter
    (5) differential, remove
    Answer-(4) differential, deter

  7. The fear of an_______epidemic ,especially if the water-logged areas are not cleared soon,_______
    (1) imminent, targets
    (2) impending, gnaws
    (3) hovering, falls
    (4) intense, focus
    (5) coming, erodes
    Answer-(2) impending, gnaws

  8. Drama had its earliest beginning in the corporate life of the village, the______form of settlement that took______in England.
    (1) reigning, area
    (2) predominant, place
    (3) ascendant, venue
    (4) arbitrary, reservation
    (5) controlling, position
    Answer-(2) predominant, place

  9. The______of India as an economic superpower is not reflected in the______of life enjoyed by its 1.2 billion citizens according to the human development index which ranked India very law among 182 countries.
    (1) recommend,compliance
    (2) tribute,conversion
    (3) spirit, joy
    (4) pursuit, quality
    (5) confidence, dissatisfaction
    Answer-(4) pursuit, quality

  10. The visit by itself had a unique start with the prime minister_______his home state and, in doing so,_______his priorities.
    (1) Exhibiting, flashing
    (2) boasting, nodding
    (3) promoting, indicating
    (4) showcasing, signalling
    (5) representing, pointing
    Answer-(4) showcasing, signalling