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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 15

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Fill in the Blanks, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB/SSC CGL/LIC/LDC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete in the contest of the sentence.

  1. A novel of real_____________ must invent its own language, and this one does,..
    A. Impulsive
    B. ambition
    C. intricate
    D. abstruse
    Ambition-a cherished desire
    Abstruse-hard to understand

  2. Information technology, and the hardware and software______________with the IT industry.
    A. amalgamation
    B. associated
    C. regulated
    D. use
    Amalgamation-joining of two organization to form one large organization
    Regulated means controlled.

  3. ____________to popular belief that red meat makes human aggressive, scientist have found that it actually has a calming effect.
    A. Sticking
    B. similarly
    C. opposite
    D. contrary
    Sticking-extending out above a surface or boundary
    contrary-very opposite in nature or character or purpose.

  4. From its_____________opening sequence, it is clear that we are in the grip of a delicious new voice, a voice of breathtaking.
    A. Imagination
    B. evocative
    C. mesmerizing
    D. resonance
    Evocative-recreate strong feelings, memory etc.
    Mesmerizing-attract strongly.

  5. Revenue of major power utilities may drop________________due to lower industrial demand for electricity.
    A. Profitable
    B. marginally
    C. average
    D. quickly

  6. A sad story, told very hilariously, very_______________and very craftely.
    A. Tenderly
    B. Vacuously
    C. utterly
    D. craftely
    Tenderly-easily hurt or damaged
    Vacuously-having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence

  7. The first round of the contest had the students____________themselves and talking about their hobbies.
    A. gearing
    B. acclimatizing
    C. showcasing
    D. introducing

  8. It is rare to find a book that so effectively cuts through the cloths of nationality, caste and religion to reveal the bare bones of______________
    A. usually
    B. humanity
    C. virtually
    D. quickly
    Virtually-in essence or effect but not in fact

  9. Scientists, working to save the earth, have created ‘dry water’ that soaks carbon three times better than water, and hence helps___________global warming.
    A. monitoring
    B. increase
    C. combat
    D. stop

  10. what does goes into making a marriage work can only be learnt by trial and error and couples are best left to___________out what works.
    A. figure
    B. translate
    C. thrash
    D. judge