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English Questions: Vocabulary set- 84

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words , which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Artillery – तोपें

Meaning – large-calibre guns used in warfare on land.

Usage – “tanks and heavy artillery”

Synonyms – (big) guns, ordnance, cannon(s), cannonry, heavy weapons, heavy weaponry, battery.

2. Démarche

Meaning – a political step or initiative.

Usage – “foreign policy démarches”.

3. Spiralling – चढ़ती

Meaning – move in a spiral course.

Usage – “a wisp of smoke spiralled up from the trees”

Synonyms – coil, wind, twirl, swirl, twist, wreathe, snake, gyrate

4. Resumption – पुनरारंभ

Meaning – the action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption.

Usage – “with peace came the resumption of foreign imports”

Synonyms – restart, restarting, recommencement, reopening, reinstitution; continuation, carrying on, taking up again, renewal, return to.

5. Ramifications – असर

Meaning – a complex or unwelcome consequence of an action or event.

Usage – “any change is bound to have legal ramifications”

Synonyms – consequence, result, aftermath, outcome, effect, upshot, issue, sequel; complication, development, implication; product, by-product, outgrowth, spin-off.

6. Eastward – पूर्व की ओर

Meaning – lying towards, near, or facing the east.

Usage – “they followed an eastward course”

7. Subvert – पलट देना

Meaning – undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution).

Usage – “an attempt to subvert democratic government”

Synonyms – destabilize, unsettle, overthrow, overturn; bring down, bring about the downfall of, topple, depose, oust, supplant, unseat, dethrone, disestablish, dissolve; disrupt, wreak havoc on, sabotage, ruin, upset, destroy, annihilate, demolish, wreck, undo, undermine, undercut, weaken, impair, damage.

8. Valour – वीरता

Meaning – great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

Usage – “the medals are awarded for acts of valour”

Synonyms – bravery, courage, fearlessness, courageousness, braveness, intrepidity, intrepidness, pluck, pluckiness, nerve, backbone, spine, heroism, stout-heartedness, manliness, manfulness, audacity, boldness, gallantry, daring, spirit, fortitude, mettle, dauntlessness, doughtiness, hardihood; informalguts, spunk; informalbottle, ballsiness; informalcojones, sand, moxie; vulgar slangballs.

9. Pounce – झपट्टा

Meaning – (of a person) spring forward suddenly so as to attack or seize someone or something.

Usage – “the gang pounced on him and knocked him to the ground”

Synonyms – jump on, spring on, leap on, swoop (down) on, dive at, drop down on, lunge at, bound at, fall on, set on, make a grab for, take by surprise, take unawares, catch off-guard, attack suddenly; ambush, mug; informaljump.

10. Assuage – शांत करना

Meaning – make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.

Usage – “the letter assuaged the fears of most members”

Synonyms – relieve, ease, alleviate, soothe, mitigate, dampen, allay, calm, palliate, abate, lull, temper, suppress, smother, stifle, subdue, tranquillize, mollify, moderate, modify, tone down, attenuate, dilute, lessen, diminish, decrease, reduce, lower; put an end to, put a stop to, take the edge off; informalkill; rarelenify.