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English Questions: Vocabulary set- 36

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words from Editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other

1. – Oblivion – विस्मृति

Meaning the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one

Usage “they drank themselves into oblivion”

Synonyms unconsciousness, insensibility, stupor, stupefaction, senselessness, blankness, darkness

Antonyms -awareness, consciousness, understanding

  1. – Heyday –उमंगकासमय

Meaning – he period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success, popularity, activity.

Usage – “the paper has lost millions of readers since its heyday in 1964”

Synonyms – prime, peak, height, high point, high spot, peak of perfection, pinnacle, acme, zenith, day, time, bloom, flowering, culmination, crowning point

Antonyms – low point

3. – Predilection –लाग-लपेट

Meaning a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.

Usage “your predilection for pretty girls”

Synonymsliking, fondness, preference, partiality, taste, penchant, weakness, soft spot, fancy, inclination, leaning, bias, propensity, bent, proclivity, proneness, predisposition, tendency, affinity, appetite, love

Antonymsantipathy, disinterest, dislike, hate 

  1. – Loquacious – बातूनी

Meaning tending to talk a great deal; talkative.

Usage “never loquacious, Sarah was now totally lost for words”

Synonyms talkative, garrulous, voluble, over-talkative, long-winded, wordy, verbose, profuse, prolix, effusive, gushing, rambling

Antonymsquiet, restrained, silent, subdued

5. – Egalitarian – समानाधिकारवादी

Meaning believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Usage “a fairer, more egalitarian society”

Synonyms Democratic

Antonymsdifferent, not alike,unequal,unlike,unmatched,variable,varying

  1. – Vex – चिढ़ना

Meaningmake (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.

Usage “the memory of the conversation still vexed him”

Synonyms annoy, irritate, infuriate, anger, incense, inflame, enrage, irk, chagrin, exasperate, madden, pique, provoke, nettle, disturb, upset, perturb, discompose

Antonymsaid, assist, help, please, soothe

  1. Solicitous –चिंताशील

Meaning characterized by or showing interest or concern.

Usage “she was always solicitous about the welfare of her students”

Synonyms concerned, caring, attentive, mindful, interested, considerate, thoughtful

Antonymseasy-going, laid-back, unafraid, unworried

  1. – Effaceमिटादेना

Meaning erase (a mark) from a surface.

Usage “with time, the words are effaced by the rain”

Synonyms blot out, blue-pencil,cancel, cross out,delete,destroy,edit,eliminate,expunge,fade,obliterate, rub out, scratch out, white out, wipe out

Antonyms – keep,restore,retain, revalidate,validate

9. Acerbic

Meaning sharp and forthright.

Usage “his acerbic wit”

Synonyms sharp, sarcastic, sardonic, satirical, scathing, cutting, razor-edged, incisive, acrimonious, astringent, harsh, severe, devastating, abrasive, wounding, hurtful, unkind, cruel, vitriolic, waspish, poisonous, spiteful, vicious, malicious

Antonyms – bland, sweet

  1. – Broach –सीख

Meaning – raise (a difficult subject) for discussion.

Usage – “he broached the subject he had been avoiding all evening”

Synonyms – bring up, raise, introduce, talk about, mention, touch on, open, embark on, enter on, air, ventilate

Antonyms – not mention