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English Questions: Vocabulary set- 35

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are providing some difficult words from Editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

1. – litigation – मुकदमेबाजी

Meaning – the process of taking legal action.

Usage – “the company wishes to avoid litigation”

Synonyms – legal proceeding(s), legal action, lawsuit, legal dispute, legal case, case, legal contest, action, cause, judicial proceeding(s), suit, suit at law, legal process, prosecution, bringing of charges, indictment, trial.

Antonyms – illegality, injustice, lawlessness, partiality, unethicalness, unfairness.

2. – Compliance – अनुपालन

Meaning – the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.

Usage – “the ways in which the state maintains order and compliance”

Synonyms – acquiescence, amenability, assent, complaisance, concession, concurrence, conformity, consent, deference, docility, obedience, observance, passivity, resignation, submission, submissiveness, tractability, yielding.

Antonyms – defiance, denial, disagreement, disobedience, dissension, dissent, fight, nonconformity, refusal, veto.

3. – Indigent – दरिद्र

Meaning – poor; needy.

Usage – “a charity for the relief of indigent artists”

Synonyms – poor, impecunious, destitute, penniless, impoverished, poverty-stricken, down and out, pauperized, without a penny to one’s name, without two farthings/pennies to rub together; insolvent, ruined; needy, in need, in want, hard up, on the breadline, hard-pressed, in reduced/straitened circumstances, deprived, disadvantaged, distressed, badly off; beggarly, beggared.

Antonyms – rich, wealthy.

4. – Trifling – छोटी, तुच्छ

Meaning – unimportant or trivial.

Usage – “a trifling sum”

Synonyms – trivial, unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, petty, minor, of little/no account, of little/no consequence, not worth mentioning, not worth bothering about, light, footling, fiddling, pettifogging, incidental; frivolous, silly, idle, superficial; small, tiny, inconsiderable, nominal, negligible, nugatory, minute, minuscule; paltry, derisory, pitiful, pathetic, miserable.

Antonyms – important, significant, useful, worthwhile.

5. – Repercussions – अप्रत्यक्ष परिणाम

Meaning – an unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one.

Usage – “the move would have grave repercussions for the entire region”

Synonyms – consequence, result, effect, outcome, by-product; reverberation, backlash, ripple, shock wave; aftermath, footprint, fallout.

Antonyms – cause

6. – Crackdown – कड़ी कर्रवाई

Meaning – a series of severe measures to restrict undesirable or illegal people or behaviour.

Usage – “a crackdown on car crime”

Synonyms – clampdown, getting tough, severe/stern measures, repression, suppression, abolition, elimination, eradication, end, stop.

7. – Moribund – मरणासन्न

Meaning – (of a person) at the point of death.

Usage – “the patient was moribund”

Synonyms – dying, expiring, on one’s deathbed, near death, near the end, at death’s door, breathing one’s last, fading/sinking fast, not long for this world, failing rapidly, on one’s last legs, in extremis; informalwith one foot in the grave

Antonyms – benevolent, good, humble, kind, moral

8. – Nudged – कुहनी से हलका धक्का

Meaning – prod (someone) gently with one’s elbow in order to attract attention.

Usage – “people were nudging each other and pointing at me”

Synonyms – poke, elbow, dig, prod, jog, jab, butt

Antonyms – aid, gratify, make happy, please, soothe

9. – Resilient – लचीला

Meaning – “a shoe with resilient cushioning”

Usage – (of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.

Synonyms – flexible, pliable, pliant, supple, plastic, elastic, springy, rubbery; durable, hard-wearing, stout, strong, sturdy, tough.

Antonyms – hard, inflexible, rigid, stiff

10. – Edging – किनारा

Meaning – the process of providing something with an edge or border.

Usage – “new edging work has been carried out on the sides of the bank”

Synonyms – Advance, Progress, Pass On, Move On, March On, Go On

Antonyms – critical, disparaging, finding fault