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English Questions: Vocabulary Set 318

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some difficult words from editorials , which is important and very helpful for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other exams !!!


Women empowerment connotes the following meaning in a vivid depiction. The combination of all these shows a path to progress to the Zenith where the shackles of oppression, Suppression, Superstitions are broken away and with an extraordinary valour & courage she walks to new life. A life of Security a life of livelihood, a life of beauty and above all a life where one can have a standoff. Curbing evils is prevalent in society. A look into the leant data reveals the plight of our womenfolk-more than 15000 rape cases are registered annually in the country female feticide has taken the ratio of girls per 1000 boys in below 6-year age group to 927. And at least five women are burnt each day in the dowry related cases. Though woman have taken rapid stride since independence they are still victim to political, socioeconomic  and the legal neglect.
Woman have been relegated to the margins in spite of the fact that they numerically constitute at least half of the human race today. This has resulted in woman being unable to take a place of human dignity as free and independent entities, associated with men on the plane of intellectual and professional equality. In such an awkward and awful situation the only way that woman can empower is by self-participation (1) In the areas of education (2) Against violence (3) Health care (4) Rural develop (5) Improve sex ratio. The basic requirement of which is education and literacy which is education and literacy which Creates awareness among them and helps them to realize their status in Society and take Full advantage of the concessions offered to them at the correct procedure by law. Empowerment is to begin with the women’s participation. Michael Foucault, one of the foremost French thinker writes that women have always been man’s dependent and the two have never Shared the world provide equality. Man the sovereign would provide woman the liege with material protection but she must accept the moral constraints of confinement. Accor during to Foucault, woman’s empowerment consists in refusing these constraints of male confinement.

1. Vivid (Adjective) : प्रबल , फुर्तीला

Meaning : producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind

Synonyms : animated , lively , lifelike , bright , striking , flamboyant

Antonyms : bland , boring , gloomy , dull , dreary , obscure

Usage : The woman has a vivid imagination.

2. Zenith ( Noun ) : चरम सीमा

Meaning : the time at which something is most powerful or successful

Synonyms : apex , crown , culmination , crown , eminence

Antonyms : bottom , depth , base

Usage : The exhibitions in the arena were perhaps at their zenith during his tenure of power.

3. Shackles ( Noun ) : बेड़ी

Meaning : a pair of fetters connected together by a chain, used to fasten a prisoner’s wrists or ankles together.

Synonyms : handcuff , fetter , trammel , manacle

Usage : In vain the fiery young soldier strove to break loose from the shackles which hampered him.

4. Valour ( Noun ) : वीरता

Meaning : great courage in the face of danger

Synonyms : courage , heroism , courage , fortitude

Antonyms : cowardice , fear , meekness

Usage : He was promoted to the rank of major in recognition of his valour during the battle.

5. Plight ( Noun ) : दुर्दशा

Meaning : a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation

Synonyms : perplexity , condition , extremity , predicament , trouble

Antonyms : advantage , solution , benefit

Usage : Her plight has touched the hearts of people around the world.

6. Stride ( Verb ) : छलाँग

Meaning : cross (an obstacle) with one long step

Synonyms : stalk , march , parade , tramp , pace

Antonyms : ramble , wander

Usage : With every stride, runners hit the ground with up to five times their body-weight

7. Relegated ( Verb ) : निर्वासित करना

Meaning : assign an inferior rank or position to

Synonyms : consign , entrust , refer , confide

Antonyms : deny , assume , hold

Usage : He has been relegated to the position of an assistant coach.

8. Awkward ( Adjective ) : भद्दा , ख़राब

Meaning : causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with

Synonyms : amateurish , gawky , rude , inexpert , graceless

Antonyms : elegant , graceful , skillful

Usage : She never lost her social poise, however awkward the situation.

9. Concessions ( Noun ) : आज्ञा प्रदान , रिआयत

Meaning : a thing that is granted, especially in response to demands

Synonyms : acknowledgement , permit , grant , rollback , assent

Antonyms : protest , denial , refusal

Usage : Employers made concessions to the workers in negotiations.

10. Constraint ( Noun ) : प्रतिबंध , बाध्यता

Meaning : a limitation or restriction.

Synonyms : pressure , restraint , duress , suppression

Antonyms : permission , freedom , allowance

Usage : Financial constraints on the company are preventing them from employing new staff.