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English Questions – Vocabulary set 131

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Modicum – भोजन की थोड़ी मात्रा

Meaning – a small quantity of a particular thing, especially something desirable or valuable.

Synonyms – little bit, small amount, particle, degree, speck, fragment, scrap, crumb, grain, morsel, taste, soupçon, shred, mite, dash, drop, pinch, ounce, touch, tinge, dab, jot, iota, whit, tittle, jot or tittle, atom, inch, snippet, sliver, smattering, scintilla, hint, suggestion, whisper, trifle; informalsmidgen, smidge, tad; archaicscantling, scruple.

Usage – people with only a modicum of scientific knowledge.

2. Contraption – कोंटरापशन

Meaning – a machine or device that appears strange or unnecessarily complicated, and often badly made or unsafe.

Synonyms – device, gadget, apparatus, machine, appliance, mechanism, implement, utensil, invention, contrivance; Heath Robinson device; Rube Goldberg device; informalgizmo, widget, thingamajig, thingamabob, whatsit; informaldoodah, doobry, gubbins; informaldingus, doodad, doojigger.

Usage – a newfangled contraption for making coffee.

3. Consternation – आतंक

Meaning – a feeling of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected.

Synonyms – dismay, perturbation, anxiety, distress, disquiet, disquietude, discomposure, angst, trepidation; surprise, amazement, astonishment, stupefaction; alarm, panic, hysteria, fear, fearfulness, fright, shock.

Usage – much to the consternation of his detractors, he emerged as a management guru.

4. Celerity – ज्लदी

Meaning – swiftness of movement.

5. Prevaricate – छलकपट

Meaning – speak or act in an evasive way.

Usage – “he seemed to prevaricate when journalists asked pointed questions”

6. Nettle – बिच्छू बूटी

Meaning – irritate or annoy (someone).

Synonyms – : irritate, annoy, irk, gall, vex, anger, exasperate, infuriate, bother, provoke; upset, displease, offend, affront, get/put someone’s back up, disgruntle, rankle with, pique, needle, ruffle, get on someone’s nerves, try someone’s patience, ruffle someone’s feathers, make someone’s hackles rise, raise someone’s hackles, chafe; rub up the wrong way; rankle, ride, gravel; informalpeeve, aggravate, miff, rile, get.

Usage – ‘I was only asking,’ Jess said, nettled.

7. Venial – क्षम्य

Meaning – denoting a sin that is not regarded as depriving the soul of divine grace.

Synonyms – pardonable, forgivable, excusable, condonable, tolerable, permissible, allowable, understandable, justifiable; slight, minor, unimportant, insignificant, trivial, trifling, not serious, all right.

Usage – we cannot prevent ourselves sometimes from dreaming of performing venial if not mortal sins.

8. Rattle – खड़खड़

Meaning – make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds.

Synonyms – clatter, bang, clang, clank, clink, clunk.

Usage – we were awakened by the sound of stones rattling against the window.

9. Incarnate – अवतार लेना

Meaning – (especially of a deity or spirit) embodied in human form.

Synonyms – in human form, in the flesh, in physical form, in bodily form, made flesh, made manifest; corporeal, physical, fleshly, embodied.

Usage – she looked at me as though I were the devil incarnate.

10. Glean – बीनना

Meaning – obtain (information) from various sources, often with difficulty.

Synonyms – obtain, get, take, draw, derive, extract, cull, garner, gather, reap; select, choose, pick; learn.

Usage – the information is gleaned from press cuttings.