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English Questions: Vocabulary set-112

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words Antonyms and Synonyms, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Orifice – छिद्र

Meaning – a minute opening in a surface, especially the skin or integument of an organism, through which gases, liquids, or microscopic particles may pass.

Synonyms: opening, orifice, aperture, hole, outlet, inlet, vent; technicalstoma, hydathode, ostiole, ostium, foramen.

Usage – “sweat poured from every pore in his body”

2. Ovation – जयध्वनि

Meaning – a sustained and enthusiastic show of appreciation from an audience, especially by means of applause.

Synonyms: round of applause, applause, handclapping, clapping, cheering, cheers, bravos, acclaim, standing ovation, acclamation, praise, plaudits, laurels, tribute, accolade, bouquets; informal(big) hand; rarelaudation, extolment

Usage – “the performance received a thundering ovation”

3. Navigate – नेविगेट

Meaning – plan and direct the course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transport, especially by using instruments or maps.

Synonyms: steer; plot a route/course; helm

Usage – “they navigated by the stars”

4. Ingrained – जमा हुआ

Meaning – (of a habit, belief, or attitude) firmly fixed or established; difficult to change.

Synonyms – entrenched, established, fixed, implanted, deep-rooted, rooted, deep-seated, settled, firm, unshakeable, ineradicable, driven in; inveterate, dyed-in-the-wool, abiding, enduring, stubborn, unfading; inbred, instinctive.

Usage – “his deeply ingrained Catholic convictions”

5. Knotty – विकट

Meaning – full of knots.

Usage – “panelling in knotty pine”

Synonyms – gnarled, knotted, knurled, nodular, knobbly, lumpy, bumpy, rugged, rough, coarse; rarenodulous, nodose.

6. precept – नियम

Meaning – a general rule intended to regulate behaviour or thought.

Synonyms: principle, rule, tenet, canon, code, doctrine, guideline, working principle, law, ordinance, statute, command, order, decree, mandate, dictate, dictum, directive, direction, instruction, injunction, prescription, commandment; mitzvah; rareprescript
“the precepts of Orthodox Judaism”

Usage – “the legal precept of being innocent until proven guilty”

7. Exodus – गमन

Meaning – a mass departure of people.

Synonyms – mass departure, withdrawal, evacuation, leaving, exit; migration, emigration, hegira, diaspora; flight, escape, retreat, fleeing.

Usage – “the annual exodus of sun-seeking Canadians to Florida”

8. Nonplus – उधेड़-बुन

Meaning – surprise and confuse (someone) so much that they are unsure how to react

Synonyms – surprise, stun, dumbfound, confound, astound, astonish, amaze, take aback, disconcert, stop someone in their tracks, throw, throw/catch off balance; puzzle, perplex, baffle, mystify, confuse, bemuse, bewilder; informalfaze, flummox, floor, flabbergast, discombobulate, stump, bamboozle.

Usage – “Diane was nonplussed by such an odd question”

9. Behoove – योग्य होना

Meaning – it is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something.

Synonyms – be incumbent on, be obligatory for, be required of, be appropriate for, be expected of, be advisable for, be sensible for, be wise for.

Usage – “it behoves the House to assure itself that there is no conceivable alternative”

10. Fracas – कोलाहल

Meaning – a noisy disturbance or quarrel.

Synonyms – disturbance, quarrel, scuffle, brawl, affray, tussle, melee, free-for-all, fight, clash, skirmish, brouhaha, riot, uproar, commotion; argument, altercation, angry exchange, war of words, shouting match, tiff, dispute, disagreement, row, wrangle, squabble, rumpus; stooshie; donnybrook; bangarang.

Usage – “the fracas was broken up by stewards”