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English Questions – Vocabulary For IBPS RRBs – Set 170

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Cynosure – आकर्षण-बिन्दु

Meaning – a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration.

Usage – Kirk was the cynosure of all eyes.

2. Berserk – निडर

Meaning – out of control with anger or excitement; wild or frenzied.

Synonyms – mad, crazy, insane, out of one’s mind, hysterical, beside oneself, frenzied, crazed, demented, maniacal, manic, frantic, wound up, worked up, raving, wild; enraged, raging, out of control, uncontrollable, amok, on the rampage; informaloff one’s head, up the wall, through the roof, off the deep end, ape, bananas, bonkers, mental, barmy, nutty, nuts, bats, batty, hyper.

Usage – a man went berserk with an arsenal of guns.

3. Sobriety – संयम

Meaning – the state of being sober.

Synonyms – soberness, clear-headedness; abstinence, teetotalism, non-indulgence; abstemiousness, temperance, moderation, moderateness.

Usage – the price of beer compelled me to maintain a certain level of sobriety.

4. Morose – उदास

Meaning – sullen and ill-tempered.

Synonyms – sullen, sulky, gloomy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, in a bad mood, dour, surly, sour, glum, moody, unsmiling, humourless, uncommunicative, taciturn, unresponsive, unsociable, scowling, glowering, ill-humoured, sombre, sober, saturnine, pessimistic, lugubrious, Eeyorish, mournful, melancholy, melancholic, doleful, miserable, dismal, depressed, dejected, despondent.

Usage – she was morose and silent when she got home.

5. Gravitate – केंद्र की ओर झुकना

Meaning – move, or tend to move, towards a centre of gravity or other attractive force.

Synonyms – move, head, be pulled, drift; tend, have a tendency, lean, incline.

Usage – the electron does not gravitate towards the nucleus.

6. Motley – पंचमेल

Meaning – incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate.

Synonyms – miscellaneous, disparate, diverse, assorted, sundry, varied, mixed, diversified, heterogeneous.

Usage – a motley crew of discontents and zealots.

7. Besmirch – गंदा करना

Meaning – damage (someone’s reputation).

Synonyms – sully, tarnish, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, smear, befoul, soil, contaminate, pollute, disgrace, dishonour, bring discredit to, stigmatize, injure, damage, debase, spoil, ruin; slander, defame; literarysmirch, besmear; archaicbreathe on, spot.

Usage – he had besmirched the good name of his family.

8. Pique – मनमुटाव

Meaning – a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, especially to one’s pride.

Synonyms – irritation, annoyance, resentment, anger, displeasure, indignation, temper, bad temper, wounded/hurt pride, wounded/hurt feelings, petulance, ill humour, peevishness, offence, umbrage, vexation, exasperation, disgruntlement, discontent.

Usage – he left in a fit of pique.

9. Pittance – देन

Meaning – a very small or inadequate amount of money.

Synonyms – a very small amount, a tiny amount, an insufficient amount, next to nothing, very little; informalpeanuts, chicken feed, slave wages, a shoestring.

Usage – the musicians were paid a pittance.

10. Bestial – वहशी

Meaning – of or like an animal or animals.

Synonyms – animal, beast-like, animalistic; rarezoic, theriomorphic, theroid.

Usage – Darwin’s revelations about our bestial beginnings.