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English Questions: Synonyms Set- 29

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are creating question sample in Synonyms, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/SSC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!!


  1. modest most nearly means
    A. attractive
    B. clever
    C. current
    D. humble
    D. humble
    modest means to be free of conceit or pretension, or humble

  2. custom most nearly means
    A. dessert
    B. habit
    C. ethic
    D. deliver
    B. habit
    a custom means a long-established practice, or a habit

  3. prolong most nearly means
    A. extend
    B. inquire
    C. relax
    D. wait
    A. extend
    to prolong means to lengthen in time, or to extend

  4. hustle most nearly means
    A. dance
    B. hurry
    C. busy
    D. clean
    B. hurry
    to hustle means to hurry

  5. solemn most nearly means
    A. amusing
    B. harmful
    C. speech
    D. serious
    D. serious
    solemn means marked by grave sobriety, or serious

  6. imply most nearly means
    A. suggest
    B. stab
    C. thick
    D. destroy
    A. suggest
    to imply means to express indirectly, or to suggest

  7. beneficial most nearly means
    A. help
    B. advantageous
    C. charity
    D. wise
    B. advantageous
    beneficial means causing benefit, or advantageous

  8. flare most nearly means
    A. judicial
    B. temper
    C. style
    D. blaze

    flare means a fire or blaze used to signal; flair means talent or

  9. negligent most nearly means
    A. pajamas
    B. morbid
    C. careless
    D. dark
    C. careless
    negligent means marked by neglect, or careless

  10. aloof most nearly means
    A. above
    B. tidy
    C. clever
    D. reserved
    D. reserved
    aloof means distant in feeling, or reserved