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English Questions: Sentence Fillers Set – 24 (New Pattern)

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in sentence fillers, which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS 2018 !!!

Directions- (Q.1-10) In the mentioned questions , a paragraph is given. Fill the blank with the correct sentence from the options.

  1. Agricultural practices and advancements differ globally—since plants have their own differences and the location plays a role on their development as well. But through the exchange of knowledge from different agriculturally-involved individuals from all over the world, improvement of techniques can be experienced as well.___________________________________________________________. IT has become a bridge for people from all over the world. It supports new methods for precision agriculture like computerized farm machinery that applies for fertilizers and pesticides. Farm animals are fed and monitored by electronic sensors and identification systems. Selling or buying online began to become popular in the world.
    1. Indian rural market is going under transformation with better access to information.
    2. In recent years the village and heritage tourism in remote areas of the country has picked up a huge momentum.
    3. Agriculture in India is the core sector for food security, nutritional security, and sustainable development & for poverty alleviation.
    4. It has made an impact on how information is shared, and being able to use this information for the advancement of the agricultural sector gives a great positive impact that is beneficial for everyone.
    5. It contributes approx. 14 % of GDP. Milestones in agriculture development in India includes: Green revolution, Evergreen revolution, Blue revolution, White revolution, yellow revolution etc.
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is suitable

  2. The WTO system contributes to development. On the other hand, developing countries need flexibility in the time they take to implement the system’s agreements. And the agreements themselves inherit the earlier provisions of GATT that allow for special assistance and trade concessions for developing countries. _____________________________________________________. During the seven and a half years of the Uruguay Round, over 60 of these countries implemented trade liberalization programmes autonomously. At the same time, developing countries and transition economies were much more active and influential in the Uruguay Round negotiations than in any previous round, and they are even more so in the current Doha Development Agenda.
    1. The WTO is sometimes described as a “free trade” institution, but that is not entirely accurate.
    2. Over three quarters of WTO members are developing countries and countries in transition to market economies.
    3. More accurately, it is a system of rules dedicated to open, fair and undistorted competition.
    4. Many of the other WTO agreements aim to support fair competition: in agriculture, intellectual property, services, for example.
    5. The issues are complex, and the rules try to establish what is fair or unfair, and how governments can respond, in particular by charging additional import duties calculated to compensate for damage caused by unfair trade.
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is suitable

  3. Looking at the giant size of the banking industry, there can be hardly any doubt that the menace of NPAs needs to be curbed. It poses a big threat to the macro-economic stability of the Indian economy. An analysis of the present situation brings us to the point that the problem is multi-faceted and has roots in economic slowdown; deteriorating business climate in India; shortages in the legal system; and the operational shortcoming of the banks. Therefore, it has to be dealt at multiple levels.________________________________________________.
    1. Apart from the slowdown in India, the global economy has also slowed down.
    2. This has adversely impacted the corporate sector in India.
    3. It can be noted that imports and exports combined equal to around 40% of India’s GDP!
    4. But, the kind of attention with which this problem has been received by policymakers and bankers alike is a big ray of hope.
    5. The government can’t be expected to rescue the state-run banks with tax-payer’s money every time they fall into a crisis.
    Answer : 5)
    Option 5 is suitable

  4. The importance of sports and fitness in one’s life is invaluable. Playing sports inculcates team spirit, develops strategic & analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and strong nation. Sports is an extremely important component for the overall development of our nation. India, in the last few years has made steady progress in the field of sports. This tremendous new-potential needs to be showcased at a global platform.____________________________________________________. We need to inculcate a strong spirit of participation in sports that enables players to demonstrate their true potential. Only then can India realise its dream of becoming a sports super power.
    1. Sports in India include both indoor games like chess, snooker, and playing cards and outdoor games like football, cricket, badminton and tennis.
    2. It’s time we inspire young talent, give them top-notch infrastructure and training of the highest level.
    3. Sports in India dates back to the ancient times with references found in the Vedas and Indus Valley Civilisation.
    4. This has a positive impact on the overall development of the personality Brilliance in sports enhances a person’s sense of achievement, national pride and patriotism.
    5. Sports and physical education are necessary components of human development, good health, and companionship and to have a spirit of friendly competition.
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is suitable

  5. In the urban society usually the families are nuclear, a very small percentage of households’ have joint families, whereas in rural society most of the households have joint families. This change in family structure is a direct result of urbanisation. In urban areas, especially in the metropolitan cities, people of extremely divergent cultures live together. This has a positive impact. ____________________________________________ This results in cultural hybridisation.
    1. In the rural society the concept of family living is different from that in the urban society.
    2. Urbanisation has its impact on all aspects of day-to-day life. Family structure has also been influenced by urbanisation.
    3. It favors local issues to be resolved on right based approach.
    4. People come to know about each other’s culture and they exchange their ideas, breaking the barriers which earlier used to exist between them.
    5. Urbanization has undermined old forms of political mobilization based on caste and religious identities
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is suitable

  6. Regionalism is an ideology and political movement that seeks to advance the causes of regions. As a process it plays role within the nation as well as outside the nation i.e. at international level. ________________________________________________________. At the international level, regionalism refers to transnational cooperation to meet a common goal or to resolve a shared problem or it refers to a group of countries such as-Western Europe, or Southeast Asia, linked by geography, history or economic features.
    1. Both types of regionalism have different meaning and have positive as well as negative impact on society, polity, diplomacy, economy, security, culture, development, negotiations, etc.
    2. Used in this sense, regionalism refers to attempts to reinforce the links between these countries economic features.
    3. These are the regions within country, distinguished in culture, language and other socio-cultural factors.
    4. If someone is aspiring to or make special efforts to develop one’s state or region or to remove poverty & make social justice there, then that cannot be called as regionalism.
    5. Any demand for separate state, autonomous region or for devolution of power below the state level is also bound to be confused.
    Answer : 1)
    Option 1 is suitable

  7. We have seen landmark shift in Indian Economy since the adoption of new economic policy in 1991. This had far reaching impacts on all spheres of life in India. There can be no concrete conclusions about their impact on Indian people. This turns out to be more of an ideological debate like capitalism vs Socialism. But there is no doubt in the fact that those reforms were unavoidable and very compelling.________________________________________________________. Many Post-colonial democratic regimes, which were earlier sheltered by USSR, lost their umbrella. They had no option, but to fall in line to new unipolar world order dictated by USA.
    1. These along with China, pursued export led growth whereas Indian economy still relies almost wholly on domestic consumption.
    2. South East Asian economies also reformed their economy and started engaging more with global economy.
    3. There was in fact, similar wave all across the globe after disintegration of USSR and end of the Cold War.
    4. It liberalized its economy by shedding communist mentality completely.
    5. Now we have ultra-modern and ultra-primitive society coexisting and conflicting with each other.
    Answer : 3)
    Option 3 is suitable

  8. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural & backward areas, thereby, reducing regional imbalances, assuring more equitable distribution of national income and wealth._______________________________________________________. It is estimated that this sector has been contributing about 40 per cent of the gross value of output produced in the manufacturing sector and the generation of employment by the small scale sector is more than five times to that of large-scale sector
    1. The enterprises engaged in the manufacture or production of goods pertaining to any industry may or may not make way for small traders.
    2. They are complementary to large industries as ancillary units and this sector contributes enormously to the socio-economic development of the country.
    3. Government has challenge to develop industry in a way which takes care of small scale industry along with attracting big ticket domestic and foreign investments.
    4. Food processing has numerous advantages which are specific to Indian context.
    5. In digital era, marketing play a significant place but due to lack of funds and professional knowledge, MSMEs adopt poor advertisment and selling methodologies which restrict the reach of their products despite of good quality.
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is suitable

  9. Ethical hacking is a way of objectively analysing an organisation’s data security structure. A new league of IT professionals called white hat hackers or ethical hackers are emerging and gaining prominence. The job of an ethical hacker is to purposefully penetrate security systems to fix these weak points._________________________________________________________.
    Ethical or white hat hackers may be employed by the government, banks, or private firms to prevent cyber crime.

    1. Cyber crimes are becoming more common and attackers more sophisticated with rogue nation-states.
    2. The rising threat from cyber-attacks has exposed the severe shortage of talent in this sector.
    3. Terrorist organisations funding criminals to breach security networks either to extort hefty ransoms or compromise national security features.
    4. These professionals employ methods similar to that used by malicious hackers, but they are required to be a step or two ahead of their vicious counterparts.
    5. This test helps in gauging the network and giving it a real-world assessment.
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is suitable

  10. It is clear that the banking system in the coming times will have to go through a lot of rough weather. Increasing operational complexities, global interconnectedness and high economic growth worldwide will present several challenges for the banks. While strategies like Basel III will of course address these challenges, what is even more important is their proper implementation. More than this, the banks will need to have a wider outlook.__________________________________________________. Indian banking regulations are one of the most stringent and consequently one of the safest in the world. Let us evolve each time better and stronger.
    1. The private banks have the autonomy to raise capital from the markets.
    2. But the Public sector banks have to rely on the government mostly.
    3. They must anticipate changes in the Indian economic system and react accordingly.
    4. Banks can be subjected to a lot of risk if all depositors come and ask all their money at the same time. This is a hypothetical situation but it has happened in real with Lehman Brothers.
    5. Obviously doing so is risky business. Thus the Basel III puts a limit on the banks for doing this. The numbers are not important here.
    Answer : 3)
    Option 3 is suitable