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English Questions – ODD ONE OUT Sentences 9

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in ODD sentence , which is BASED ON IBPS EXAMS 2018 !!!

Directions (Q.1-10):Five statements are given below, labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. 1. In many ways, the draft legislation mirrors the General Data Protection Regulation, the framework on data protection implemented in the European Union this May, in providing for “data principals” the rights to confirmation, correction of data, portability and “to be forgotten”, subject to procedure.
    2. It envisages the creation of a regulatory Data Protection Authority of India to protect the interests of “principals” and to monitor the implementation of the provisions of the enabling data protection legislation.
    3. But paradoxically , looking at the situation the Authority is not at a welcoming step which can be synchronized with the variants of different levels of work.
    4. Taken together, the draft bill and the report mark a welcome step forward, but there are some grey areas.
    5. The exemptions granted to state institutions from acquiring informed consent from principals or processing personal data in many cases appear to be too blanket, such as those pertaining to the “security of the state”.
    Answer : 3.
    Option 3 is suitable as it holds no connection with the other sentences.

  2. 1. The customers were waiting for a business entity with an autonomous body serving them to fullest with immense opportunities.
    2. In business, especially one as rapidly evolving as mobile telecommunications, a year can be an eternity.
    3. So for the Vodafone Group’s Indian unit and Idea Cellular Ltd., which had in March 2017 announced an agreement to merge, approval of the proposed union by the Department of Telecommunications came not a day too soon.
    4. The changes in the industry landscape over the intervening 16 months have been dramatic.
    5. The market has contracted marginally in terms of overall subscriber numbers — from 1.17 billion on March 31, 2017, to 1.13 billion at the end of May this year. But the number of competing service providers is set to shrink from double digits to just three privately run large rivals plus state-owned BSNL and MTNL.
    Answer : 1.
    Option 1 is correct as it does not relate with Vodafone and idea merger.

  3. 1. It is, in fact, logical for joint lenders who want to avoid a deadlock to agree on the ground rules of debt resolution prior to lending to any borrower.
    2. But the obligation on the lead lender to come up with a time-bound resolution plan can have unintended consequences.
    3. Banks may be compelled to engage in a quick-fire sale of stressed assets due to arbitrary deadlines on the resolution process.
    4. This will work against the interests of lenders looking to get the best price for their stressed assets. Also, it is often in the interest of the majority of creditors to take the time to extract the most out of their assets.
    5. The assets remain a taboo for the customers in which they can form a party of its vagueness and maintain intricacy of its relations.
    Answer : 5.
    Option 5 is correct as it talks about assets of customers and not lenders.

  4. 1. There is a manifest lack of concern about those bracing themselves to go through the appeals process when one listens to a Telangana BJP MLA’s violent words, a Congressperson’s boasts about thousands of Bangladeshis deported on his party’s watch, or the TMC chief’s angry remarks.
    2. Each of those lakhs of persons who doesn’t find herself on the list is a human being, given to heaviness of heart at being left off a citizens’ list, wary of the process that lies ahead, and assailed by what-if scenarios.
    3. Among those on the list are people cutting across linguistic, ethnic and religious groups.
    4. The scenario is compared to other states which promulgate such instances about Tamil Nadu’s politics with such states.
    5. Together, they do not fit the profile being conveyed by the dog-whistle politics of the BJP to sharpen its identity politics nationwide.
    Answer : 4.
    Option 4 is correct as it talks about Tamil Nadu which does not relate with other sentences.

  5. 1. In its rationale for the amendments, the Centre has maintained that unlike the EC, Information Commissions are not constitutional bodies but mere statutory creations under the law.
    2. A constitutional body is created by passing a constitutional amendment bill, rather than by a regular, government or private bill.
    3. This is a narrow view, betraying an anxiety to tighten the hold of the administration on the Commissions, which even now get little official support to fill vacancies and improve efficiency.
    4. A recent public interest petition filed in the Supreme Court by the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information pointed out that the Central Information Commission has over 23,500 pending appeals and complaints, and sought the filling up of vacancies in the body.
    5. In many States, the Commissions are either moribund or working at low capacity owing to vacancies, resulting in a pile-up of appeals.
    Answer : 2.
    Option 2 is correct as it it is merely defining constitutional body.

  6. 1. The centre-right Brazilian Social Democracy Party and the centrist Sustainability Network Party have nominated as their presidential candidates Geraldo Alckmin and Marina Silva, respectively.
    2. Even by the standards of Latin America’s emotive politics, the nomination of Brazil’s convicted former President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to contest for a third term in the October election is sensational.
    3. The charismatic leader from the left-wing Workers’ Party (PT) has been serving a 12-year jail sentence since April in a bribery and money-laundering case.
    4. Mr. Lula may still have his candidacy overruled by the electoral body. But there are many factors why that uncertainty has not deterred his party from daring to nominate him for the country’s top job.
    5. In July, a federal judge with suspected PT sympathies ordered Mr. Lula’s release.
    Answer : 1.
    Option 1 is correct as it is talking about a different topic.

  7. 1. Creating an equitable regulatory framework for the orderly growth of services is critical. This could be achieved through changes to the Motor Vehicle Act that set benchmarks for States.
    2. Enabling well-run bus services to operate across States with suitable permit charges is an imperative to meet the needs of a growing economy.
    3. The effort to curb institutionalised corruption at Regional Transport Offices by making it possible for dealers to directly register new vehicles, and enabling online applications for driving licences is welcome.
    4. Since fines are rarely imposed, officers give incomplete, vague or unconnected information to applicants with impunity.
    5. Regulatory changes introduced in Europe over the past few years for bus services have fostered competition, reduced fares and increased services operating across European Union member-states.
    Answer : 4.
    Option 4 is correct as it is talking about a different law altogether.

  8. 1. The latest ICC Test rankings with Virat Kohli as the top batsman provide a curiously apt backdrop to the Indian cricket team’s current tour of England.
    2. His ranking was enabled by his 200 runs, 149 in the first innings and 51 in the second, in the first Test in Birmingham which almost took India to victory, but in the event spared the tourists the embarrassment of a crushing defeat.
    3. Together, the two overlapping statistics — Kohli’s success in taking command of India’s batting in both innings, even if it fell short of getting the team past the English total, and his ascent up the ICC rankings — frame the juncture the India team is at.
    4. Kohli has comfortably asserted his dominance in the abbreviated formats of the game, both One-Day Internationals and Twenty20s.
    5. Virat Kohli married Anushka Sharma , Bollywood actress in a private ceremony in Italy which came as a sudden surprise to the fans of both.
    Answer : 5.
    Option 5 is correct as it talks about Virat’s personal life and has no connection with the other sentences.

  9. 1. The catastrophic impact of monsoon rainfall on several districts of Kerala has come as a grim reminder that the vigil against unpredictable natural disasters must never be relaxed.
    2. More than three dozen people have died and an estimated 8,316 crore worth of economic assets have been lost in the seasonal rain.
    3. In Mumbai last year, for instance, those who had private household insurance cover against disasters discovered the limitations of such policies, since the companies were unwilling to pay many homeowners for a key risk such as costly displacement from homes since the houses were not structurally damaged.
    4. The gates of reservoirs in the Idukki system, a giant hydroelectric project, and several other dams have been opened, inundating riverside habitations downstream.
    5. At the peak of the havoc, about 60,000 people whose dwellings suffered damage were lodged in relief camps.
    Answer : 3.
    Option 3 is correct as it is an example which diverts from the main passage.

  10. 1. If one word could best describe a man, then for Atal Bihari Vajpayee that would have to be compromise. Ever the contrarian, Vajpayee was equally the consensus-seeker and the alliance-builder who could traverse ideological divides and overcome political animosities with a skill set that was a throwback to the Nehruvian era.
    2. A brilliant parliamentarian and a shrewd politician who could demolish political opponents with his acerbic wit, Vajpayee was also the elder statesman who was never afraid to reach out and make peace with India’s neighbours.
    3. Without a doubt, he was born of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the torchbearer of Hindutva. But his rise in the Jana Sangh was at a time when it was not on the ascendant, and this meant he always tried to outgrow his organisation.
    4. There was no way to judge whether he softened the BJP or the BJP toughened him. Perhaps it was a bit of both.
    5. Vajpayee spent a lifetime trying to make his party displace the Congress from power, and to this end he switched between fighting the Congress’s tactics and mimicking them.
    Answer : 4.
    Option 4 is correct as it is not clear as to in what context the sentence is stated.