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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set 139 (New Pattern)

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Fill in the blanks, which is BASED ON RECENT IBPS EXAM.

Fill in the blanks

Directions (Q.1-10)Choose ONE word to be fitted in both the sentences I and II and another word that suits for sentence III.

  1. I. We should _______ the enemy forces completely and let none escape from the net.
    II. It takes the earth one year to ______ the sun.
    III. Patience is an essential _______ for a teacher

    1. shake , wobble
    2. encircle , attribute
    3. blind , bemused
    4. tipsy , hazy
    5. muddled , faint
    Answer : 2)
    Encircle-form a circle around
    Attribute-regard something as being caused by, regard a quality or feature as characteristic of or possessed by

  2. I. We never ______ from our principles
    II. Only that essential easing down of training should ________ from the norm.
    III. UN monitors will remain in the country to _______ the elections.

    1. disturb , puzzle
    2. giddy , befuddled
    3. deviate , supervise
    4. dazed , whirling
    5. vertiginous , punch
    Answer : 3)
    Deviate -depart from an established course
    Supervise-observe and direct the execution

  3. I. Students soon grow _______ of listening to a parade of historical facts
    II. He has laid out all his strength and is _______.
    III. To attempt to perform the double act is instead to __________ between the two.

    1. weary , oscillate
    2. distracted , reeling
    3. addled , floored
    4. baffled , mislead
    5. dither , perplex
    Answer : 1)
    Weary – feeling or showing extreme tiredness
    Oscillate- move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm

  4. I. The athlete will have one final ______ before retirement
    II. He had a / an _______ with his neighbour’s wife
    III. Our horses plodded down the muddy _____.

    1. comical , freaky
    2. witty , screwy
    3. droll , goofy
    4. fling , track
    5. jocular , wacky
    Answer : 4)
    Fling-throw or hurl forcefully
    Track-a rough path or road

  5. I. He _______ delegates to fight corruption, bureaucracy and incompetence
    II. St Paul was surely right when he _______ the early Christians to resolve their disputes among themselves without recourse to the court.
    III. There was a degree of ______ and sisterhood among the women

    1. exhorted , solidarity
    2. ironic , waggish
    3. absurd , startled
    4. ludicrous , jerky
    5. farcical , slender
    Answer : 1)
    Exhorted-strongly encourage or urge
    Solidarity-unity or agreement of feeling or action

  6. I. To redress these wrongs, sweeping new regulatory powers will treat the infirmities that _____ us.
    II. It may provide answers to some of the problems that _____ America.
    III. It is ______ that politicians should be good communicators.

    1. languid , vacuous
    2. gelatos , stunned
    3. eccentric , bewildered
    4. benumb , aghast
    5. ail , imperative
    Answer : 5)
    Ail-trouble or afflict or bother
    Imperative-of vital importance

  7. I. They are as repelled by money-grabbing, opportunistic plaintiffs as by reckless, _____________ corporations
    II. He eats because he is ____________, not hungry
    III. He looked for the dramatic, like the sunset in this painting, and painted it with great ______.

    1. enervative , feeble
    2. gluttonous , verve
    3. fragile , volatile
    4. impetuous , flippant
    5. perverse , niggling
    Answer : 2)
    Gluttonous – excessively greedy
    Verve- vigour and spirit or enthusiasm

  8. I. Every angle, line and _______ were gently rounded as though the snow had drifted slightly in the wind.
    II. Tasks based on road, town, London tube and contour maps proved to have a wide range of success rates.
    III. He was more ______ and intellectual than many of his fellow students

    1. frivolous , heedless
    2. nebulous , trance
    3. galvanized , inhibited
    4. contour , bookish
    5. chirpy , festal
    Answer : 4)
    Contour-an outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something
    Bookish-devoted to reading and studying

  9. I. The _______ contents were commonly self-accusation and self-guilty, hypochondriasis.
    II. Our thoughts may be ______, but they can’t be fictitious.
    III. She conjured up a whole meal in a/an ______

    1. devoir , mandate
    2. citation , precept
    3. demand , dictum
    4. edict , injunction
    5. delusive , jiffy
    Answer : 5)
    Delusive-giving a false or misleading impression
    Jiffy-a very short time

  10. I. She suddenly came over _______ and had to lie down.
    II. I felt ______ when I looked down from the top of the television tower.
    III. The problems were made worse by the ______ of centuries of neglect.

    1. subservient , dogmatic
    2. nervy , strenuous
    3. dizzy , legacy
    4. peremptory , domineering
    5. conceited , insolent
    Answer :3)
    Dizzy-having or involving a sensation of spinning around and losing one’s balance
    Legacy-an amount of money or property left to someone in a will