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English Questions – Fill in the Blanks Set 89

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Hi Aspirants,

We are starting a New series on English for SBI, IBPS, RBI, SSC, LIC, NIACL and other exams based on latest pattern.Students have been facing a lot of problems in English and just giving answer does not seem a viable option for preparation. Keeping this in mind, we have taken the initiative to give reasoning for the answers as well to help students understand the concepts better and perform better in exam. We will daily upload 10 questions on different topics, along with SOLUTIONS.Keep visiting the on regular basis and still if the doubts linger, we will resolve all your queries in under 24 hours.

Read the following questions and each question has two blanks. Choose the set of appropriate words for each blank to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. The party had to ………………….. off not just the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance but also the challenge posed by the Aam Aadmi Party
    1.defend, shown
    2.battle, incurred
    3.fend, posed
    4.forestall, created
    5.thwart, developed
    Answer – 3.fend, posed
    Explanation :
    For the first blank, we need a phrasal verb. Only option 3 qualifies. Fend off – to push or send away an attacker or other unwanted person. For the second blank, options 3 and 4 both are correct.

  2. The drug problem continues to ………………… rural Punjab, devastating families and …………………. a trafficking nexus.
    1.ruin, imploring
    2.desolate, hoarding
    3.ravage, nurturing
    4.destroy, preparing
    5.desert, fostering
    Answer – 3.ravage, nurturing
    Explanation :
    Sentence is out and out a negative one. It talks of devastating families, trafficking nexus; hence we need a negative word for the first blank. The drug problem continues to ruin or desolate or ravage or destroy Punjab. All the options but 5 can occupy the first blank. Second part of the sentence talks of drug problem – which is helping or nourishing the trafficking nexus (connections linking two or more things), hence 3 & 5 are perfect for second blank. 5 has already been ruled out, so the answer 3.

  3. They raised a ……………….. of issues including draught and rural distress even though the focal point was the ban on Jallikattu, a sport ……………. with peasant communities in the state.
    1.bundle, analyzed
    2.abundance, enjoyed
    3.plenty, recognized
    4.number, conducted
    5.slew, identified
    Answer – 5.slew, identified
    Explanation :
    For the second blank, only 3 and 5 are correct options. If ‘conducted’ is to be used here, it must be followed by preposition ‘by’. Similar is the case with option 2. ‘Analyzed’ does not make much sense.
    Also for the first blank, only options 4 and 5 are correct, none of the other options are grammatically apt. Hence the answer 5.
    Slew -a large number or quantity of something.

  4. These failures have now come back to …………… the state government as protestors, surprised by the sudden turnaround in the government’s approach to them, ……………. havoc on Chennai streets.
    1.stun, forced
    2.push, unleashed
    3.haunt, wreaked
    4.annoy, inflict
    5.torment, execute
    Answer – 3.haunt, wreaked
    Explanation :
    ‘Failures have come back’ – something has been done in the past by the state government and that is creating problems for state govt. now. Options 3, 4 and 5 can occupy the first blank, although 4 would be next best choice after 3 & 5. For the second blank, only ‘wreaked’ is the correct word. ‘wreaked havoc’ is the right collocation, ‘inflict’ is grammatically wrong. ‘Inflicted’ would have been next best choice here.
    Do read newspaper to find such collocations.

  5. These issues concerning Kashmir are extremely ………… and any knee jerk reaction will ultimately result in a loss of ………for all the citizens involved, especially the young ones.
    1.unassociated, survival
    2.ambiguous, plutocracy
    3.complicated, opportunity
    4.superfluous, serendipity
    5.regressive, prospects
    Answer – 3.complicated, opportunity
    Explanation :
    Ambiguous – unclear, equivocal, vague. Superfluous – unnecessary, unessential, extra. If ‘unassociated’ was to occupy the first blank, it should be followed by ‘with’. 3 and 5 can only occupy the first blank. ‘Loss of lives/livelihood’ makes sense but ‘loss of survival’ does not bring out any meaning. Hence 3. Plutocracy – govt of the rich, Serendipity – the occurrence of events by chance in a beneficial way

  6. Central bank has intimated that it will be closely ……………. the new dispensation’s broad budget plans and remains ready to change policy tack if it were to …………….any risks to its price stability goals
    1.incorporating, find
    2.assessing, assume
    3.enticing, reprieve
    4.monitoring, perceive
    5.proposing, discover
    Answer – 4.monitoring, perceive
    Explanation :
    Dispensation – a political, religious, or social system prevailing at a particular time; New Dispensation here refers to New govt. Incorporate – include, absorb or integrate. Entice – to lure or attract. Central bank will be closely viewing or analyzing or assessing or monitoring new govt’s plans. Hence only options 2 and 4 fit in the first blank. Second blank – if the bank discovers or perceives or finds or identifies any risks to its goals (risks created by budget plans), it will change its tack (or approach). Hence 4.
    Perceive – become aware of something, come to realize or understand.

  7. …………………. a few exceptions, most opinion polls have got their numbers wrong, the ……………….. victory of BJP was not captured by any poll.
    1.Leaving, astounding
    2.Discerning, astonishing
    3.Propagating, breathtaking
    4.Decrying, startling
    5.Barring, bewildering
    Answer – 5.Barring, bewildering
    Explanation :
    For the second blank, we need an adjective for the noun ‘victory’. All the options qualify for the same. All are synonyms meaning impressive or notable. For the first blank only option 5 qualifies. Barring – excluding or excepting. Discern – recognize or find out. Decry – denounce publicly, criticize, attack etc. ‘Leaving exceptions’ is not as good a collocation as ‘Barring exceptions’

  8. What’s incomprehensible regarding Detroit killing is that there are different and …………versions about what happened during the encounter, but one thing is definitely clear, that such an act must be condemned …………
    1.dissimilar, concertedly
    2.contrary, obviously
    3.conflicting, unequivocally
    4.unique, without conflict
    5.various, vociferously
    Answer – 3.conflicting, unequivocally
    Explanation :
    For the first blank, we need an adjective for ‘versions’. Options 1, 2 and 3 can occupy the first blank, although option A will be least suitable among the three (It does not add any information – different means dissimilar, so we are just repeating words). Between 2 and 3, Unequivocally – without doubt , incontrovertible (can’t be denied) -would be the better choice. Vociferously – loudly, enthusiastically- is another good option for the second blank.

  9. Attack on Nigerian students in Greater Noida points to a/an ………………. racism that must be acknowledged and …………………..
    1.abhorrent, removed
    2.inhabited, tackled
    3.entrenched, addressed
    4.rapturous, solved
    5.fortified, vanished
    Answer – 3.entrenched, addressed
    Explanation :
    We need an adjective for racism in the first blank. 2, 4 and 5 can be eliminated. Rapturous – ecstatic, joyous; Inhabited is a verb; Fortified – to strengthen or secure. Abhorrent – inspiring disgust and loathing; hateful, horrible etc. ‘Abhorrent Racism’ does not collocate, Racism in itself is bad and hateful. Practice of Racism can be abhorrent, for example: – All forms of racism are abhorrent and have no place in our country. Hence the answer is 3

  10. The liquor trade exists solely at the …………….. of policymakers without any concomitant fundamental right that other businesses ………………….
    1.opinion, exercise
    2.will, retain
    3.jurisdiction, nullify
    4.foresight, propagate
    5.discretion, enjoy
    Answer – 5.discretion, enjoy
    Explanation :
    Only option 5 can fit in the first blank. Liquor trade exists at the desire or volition or dispensation or discretion of the policymakers. Discretion – the freedom or power to decide what should be done. For ex – DC has the discretion to declare one holiday in a year; it means that DC has the power that he can declare one holiday whenever he desires. Similarly liquor industry survives or exists only on the will of policymakers.