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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 79

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are creating question sample inFill in the blanks, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

  1. An effective humanitarian response requires predictable and_____________funding to_____________the necessary investments in nutrition, livelihoods and food security.
    1) feared, build
    2) assured, underpin
    3) doubted, establish
    4) doubtful, hinge
    5) uncertain, predicate
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : assured, underpin

  2. It is critical that it acts on this_____________and that it puts in place the programs needed to end the region’s_____________marginalization.
    1) limited, loath
    2) commitment, persistent
    3) bound, relenting
    4) hindered, surrendering
    5) confined, yielding
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : commitment, persistent

  3. Given that the denial and destruction of economic_____________has been at the heart of the_____________, there is no better way to deliver a peace dividend than to invest in education.
    1) affliction, submission
    2) opportunity, insurgency
    3) mischance, obedience

    4) infelicity, subordination

    5) visitation, acquiescence

    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : opportunity, insurgency

  4. Once occupation began in 1940, Soviet forces began_____________Estonians of their Western mentality and memory by_____________some 26 million books.
    1) catastrophe, unclean
    2) anxiety, unsterile
    3)  cataclysm, unsanitary
    4) debacle, contaminated
    5) stripping ,destroying
    Answer – 5)
    Explanation : stripping ,destroying

  5. He maintained hope, however, that, while culture could not cure humans of their destructiveness, it could help us to limit these_____________, at least in our_____________outer world.
    1) speculation, bootlegged
    2) soundness, proscribed
    3) saneness, excluded
    4) instincts, shared
    5) misery,censured
    Answer – 4)
    Explanation :instincts, shared

  6. Estonia had_____________its independence, and I was_____________a kind of resolution for my mother, who had been taken as a young girl to a gulag.
    1) verboten, marbles
    2) illicit, reverse
    3) regained, seeking
    4) casuality, lucidity
    5) excluded, induction
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation : regained, seeking

  7. As technology, globalization, and many other factors continue to_____________work, one_____________will be the need for soft skills, or “skills for life.”
    1) discernment, steadfast
    2) redefine, constant
    3) rationalization, perpetual
    4) bootleg, unvarying
    5) interdicted, homogeneous
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : redefine, constant

  8. When jobs are unfilled for too long, they are more likely to be permanently_____________to countries with lower labor costs or a better-_____________talent pool.
    1) accident, adversity
    2) outsourced, suited
    3)  stabled, stable
    4) prohibited, consistent
    5)  continual, equable
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : outsourced, suited

  9. Whatever approach we take must be collaborative and comprehensive,-_____________that young people learn the soft skills they will-_____________need for all future scenarios.
    1) laudatory, generally
    2) ensuring, actually
    3) complimentary,  praising
    4) annoyance, penetrating

    5) Gibralter, monochrome

    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : ensuring, actually

  10. Every student developing soft skills today could-_____________change the world for the better in the-_____________to come.
    1) inference, intellect
    2) disparaging, exacting
    3) potentially, decades
    4)  tribulation, trouble
    5) humbling, hypercritical
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation : potentially, decades