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English Questions – Cloze Test 201

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We are starting a New series on English for SBI, IBPS, RBI, SSC, LIC, NIACL and other exams based on latest pattern.Students have been facing a lot of problems in English and just giving answer does not seem a viable option for preparation. Keeping this in mind, we have taken the initiative to give reasoning for the answers as well to help students understand the concepts better and perform better in exam. We will daily upload 10 questions on different topics, along with SOLUTIONS.Keep visiting the on regular basis and still if the doubts linger, we will resolve all your queries in under 24 hours.

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Direction: Q(1-10)-In the following passage, some of the words have been omitted and have been numbered. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer for each question out of the five alternatives and fill in the blanks.

The National Health Policy 2017, which the Centre announced this week after a nudge from the Supreme Court last year, faces the challenging task of …….1…… affordable, quality medical care to every citizen. With a fifth of the world’s disease burden, stands last among the BRICS countries in health sector performance. Against such a/an ……..2……. record, the policy now offers an opportunity to systematically rectify well-known deficiencies through a stronger National Health Mission. Among the most glaring …….3……. is the capacity to use higher levels of public funding for health. Rectifying this is crucial if the Central government is to make the best use of the targeted government spending.

Also a major capacity expansion to produce MBBS graduates took place between 2009 and 2015, and more ……..4…….. to strengthen the numbers were announced later but this is unlikely to meet policy goals since only 11.3% of registered allopathic doctors were working in the public sector as of 2014, and even among these, the number in rural areas was …….5…… low. Availability of trained doctors and nurses would help meet the new infant mortality and maternal mortality goals. More health professionals need to be …….6……. for primary care in rural areas to build on the gains from earlier work.

No more time should be lost in …….7……..regulatory and accreditation agencies for healthcare providers at the national and State levels as suggested by the expert groups. It should also be …….8……… for all health institutions to be accredited, and to publish the approved cost of treatments, in order to remove the prevailing asymmetry of information. For the new policy to start on a firm ……9……. , the Centre has to get robust health data. Currently this is fragmented because inputs from multiple sources and sample surveys are not …….10……. , and the private sector is often not in the picture.

  1. _____________
    Answer – 1.ensuring
    Explanation :
    The task before centre is to make sure or ensure/assure/secure that every citizen gets affordable medical care. ‘Provide’ could be another correct option – the task is to provide medical care to every citizen. Assimilate – integrate, accept, embrace, adopt etc.

  2. ____________________
    Answer – 2.lousy
    Explanation :
    It has been given that India has 20% of world’s disease burden. Hence, we need an adjective for the noun ‘record’, describing poor record of India. ‘Laggardly’ is an adverb, hence cancelled. Lousy – very poor or bad, terrible, awful etc; Stinking (adj) – foul smelling, pungent, acrid etc. As per the meaning, the answer can be only B.

  3. _________________
    Answer – 4.lacunae
    Explanation :
    Grammatically we need a plural noun, hence E is eliminated. Read the next line – ‘rectifying this’ implies that there is some problem or issue that needs to be corrected or rectified, hence we need such a word in the blank which is close in meaning to the words in bold. Lacuna – blank space or more precisely ‘something that is missing’. Hence option D. Lacunae is plural of Lacuna.

  4. ______________
    Answer – 3.initiatives
    Explanation :
    Read the sentence closely, verb ‘announced’ has been used, What can be announced? Only option C fits the blank. Ex- RBI has announced new initiatives for bringing down the NPAs. ‘Regulations’ are ‘implemented’ but in very few cases can also be announced, here it does not bring out any meaning. ‘Efforts’ are ‘made’ not announced. Similar is the reason for rejection of option E.

  5. ____________
    Answer – 2.abysmally
    Explanation :
    Read the passage closely, it talks in a negative sense – ‘unlikely to meet policy goals’, hence we need a word highlighting ‘low number of doctors in rural areas’. Abysmal – awful, dreadful, terrible, horrible etc. Inadvertently – without intention, unknowingly.

  6. ______________
    Answer – 3.deployed
    Explanation :
    Read the sentence closely, the main subject here is ‘health professionals’, which can be only ‘deployed’ or ‘resurrected’, none of the other options go along. Missiles can be ‘launched’ but not health professionals. Resurrect – to bring back to life or revive – does not suit the present context, hence C. Deploy – bring into effective action, utilize, employ etc.  is the perfect word.

  7. _________________
    Answer – 5.establishing
    Explanation :
    Author states that agencies must be formed or established or created at the earliest (no more time should be wasted). Hence E. Caress (verb) – touch or stroke gently or lovingly (like caressing a child); Nuancing (comes from noun Nuance), Nuance – a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.

  8. __________
    Answer – 1.mandatory
    Explanation :
    Mandatory – required by law, compulsory, obligatory, binding. Constrained is a verb – compel or force to follow a particular course of action – hence rejected. Flamboyant – attracting attention because of exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.

  9. ______________
    Answer – 3.footing
    Explanation :
    Correct collocation is ‘firm footing’. Footing – the basic conditions in which something operates or develops; firm footing will hence imply that basic conditions are steady or solid. According to the passage – centre has to get robust data to make sure new policy starts on a good note (firm footing). Read newspaper on a daily basis to get acquainted with such collocations.

  10. ________________
    Answer – 4.reconciled
    Explanation :
    Answer is hidden in the sentence itself. Currently it (data) is fragmented (shattered, splintered or broken or fractured) because data is not reconciled (or integrated, opposite of fragmented). Reconcile – make (one account) consistent with another, conform, integrate.  Hence D.