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English Grammar – One word Substitutions 5

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

Ichthyologist – An expert in fishes.
Ichthyology – Study of fishes.
Iconoclast – Destroyer of images attached on traditions.
Iconography – Teaching by pictures and models.
Idol – Favorite – Any person or thing devotedly or excessively admired.
Igloo – Eskimo home shaped hut or native house.
Igneous Of – or about fire produced under intense heat.
Illegible – That which is incapable of being read.
Illicit Unlicensed – unlawful
Imago – an insect in its sexually mature adult state
Miscible – (of liquids) forming a homogeneous mixture when added together.
Immutable – Unchangeable – unalterable – changeless.
Implicit – Not fully and clearly expressed implied.
Imply – Indicate without express statement.
Impregnable – That which cannot be taken by force.
Improbable – That which is not likely to happen.
Impromptu – Made or done without previous preparation – Extemporaneous.
Impenetrable – impossible to pass through or enter.
Inattentive – Not giving proper attention.
Inaudible – That which cannot be heard.
Incarcerate – imprison or confine.
Incarnadine – Blood red – crimson – flesh colored – pale pink.
Incinerate – Burn – Reduce to ashes.
Incognito – Travelling under a name other than one’s own.
Incombustible – Not inflammable
Incompatible – Persons who cannot work or live together in harmony.
Incomprehensible – That which cannot be understood.
Iconoclast – A destroyer of images.
Incorrigible – Incapable of being corrected.
Incorruptible – very honest : incapable of being corrupted
Incredible – That which cannot be believed.
Incriminate – Change with a crime or fault.
Incumbent – Holding of an office – obligatory.
Indescribable – That which is impossible to describe adequately.
Inescapable – That which cannot escaped from.
Inevitable – Sometimes which cannot fail to come to pass.
Inexplicable – That which cannot be explained.
Infallible – incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.
Infanticide – Murder or infants.
Infections – That (disease) which is liable to spread.
Inflammable – That which sets on fire easily.
Inimitable – That which cannot be.
Insulation – the action of insulating something.
Insoluble – That which cannot be dissolved in liquid.
Insomnia – Loss of sleep.
Inhalation – taking air into lungs – stimulus.
Insurmountable – too great to be overcome.
Interdiction – Prohibition prevention from participation in certain sacred acts.
Interjection – A word exclamation.
Internist – Medical student receiving training in a hospital.
Intractable – That which cannot be controlled easily.
Invertebrate – Without a backbone – without strength of characters.
Invincible – That which cannot be defeated.
Invulnerable – Incapable of being wounded.
Ionosphere – The layer of the earth’s atmosphere which contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons.
Irrevocable – A decision on which one cannot go back.
Isabel – Is a contour lines of equal rainfall.
Isotherms – A line on a map connecting points having the same amount of rainfall in a given period.
Isthmus – A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land masses.
Incinerate – destroy (something, especially waste material) by burning.