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English Grammar – Idiom and Phrases 19 For SSC CGL and IBPS/SBI PO

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Idiom and Phrases, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

in the offing – About to start
Design on – To have plans to exploit or somehow take of someone advantage or something
Queer fish – Strange person
Broken reed – A frustrated man
Gather roses only – Seek all the enjoyment of life

At sea – Confused
Lay by the heels – Chance and capture
Hanky-panky – Jugglery
Stick one’s neck out – To Take a risk
Mare’s nest – A false invention

Back-chat – Impertinent/disrespectful remarks
Bear in mind – Remember
To cut your teeth – To gain experience
Keeping up appearances – Maintaining outward show
Heads will roll – People will get into serve trouble

Little elbow – Freedom
A bee in bonnet – An obsession about something
Gift of the gab – Fluency of speech
Turn hand – Adapt himself to
Fell flat – Had not effect

Gentleman on large – Has no serious occupation
White elephant – Useless
To let the bygones be bygones – Ignore the past
Come to the crunch – Decisive movement
Keeps a good table – Entertain guest sumptuously

Draw the long bone – Exaggerate
Burn the candle a both end – Overtaxing his energies
Hold the enemy at bay – Prevented the enemy from coming near
To keep the pot boiling – Keep the controversy alive
Far cry – A long way off

Bolt from the blue – Sudden Sock
Win Hands down – Win easily
On and off – At intervals
With a high hand – Oppressively
Make no bone – Do without hesitation

Get hold of the wrong end of the stick – Misjudge the situation
On the wan – Declining
Cool as cucumber – Calm and composed
Lynch law – Law of the mob
Bitten of more than chew – Trying do to too much

Stalking horse – Trick , something that is used to hide someone’s real purpose
Make hay while the sun rises – Make the best use of a favourable situation
On the wane – Growing less
Lying down – Show no reaction
Cut out – Suitable
Showing wild oats – Going through a period of irresponsible pleasure seeking