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English Grammar – Idiom and Phrases 17 For SSC CGL and IBPS/SBI PO

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

A baker’s dozen – Thirteen
To run amuck – To run about in frenzy
To look down one’s nose at – To regard with half-hidden displeasure or contempt
Hard pressed – In difficulties
To be at one’s finger’s end – To be completely conversant with
To pull strings – To exert hidden influence
A green horn – An inexperienced man
To look sharp – To be quick
To pour oil in troubled water – To calm a quarrel with soothing words
To play on a fiddle – To be busy over trifles
To mind one’s P’s and Q’s – To be careful one one’s mind
To oil the knocker – To tip the office boy
To cut the crackle  – To stop talking and start
To cool one’s heels – To be kept watching for sometime
By the rule of thumb – By practical experience which is rather rough
A fool’s errand – A useless undertaking
To put somebody in his place  – To make him humble
To talk shop – To talk about business or professional affairs
To keep one’s head above eater – To keep out of debt
To live fast – To lead a life of dissipation
To hold a brief for – To defend someone
To pay off old scores – To harm someone because they have harmed you in the past
To take a leaf out of somebody’s book – To take him as a model
To set he Thames on fire – To try to do the impossible
To cast the pearl before a swine – To offer someone a thing which he cannot appreciate
To bear the palm – To win
To change the colour – To shift the allegations to
To cut the Gordian knot – to be victorious
To have one’s heart in one’s boots – To be deeply depressed
To strike one’s colours – To surrender
To cry wolf – To raise a false alarm
To give one’s ears – To listen carefully
To hang up one’s hat – To make oneself comfortable in another person’s home
To get the hang of thing – To understand the meaning of it
To make a shot – To make a guess
A man of weight – A man of importance
Pell-mell – In hurried disorder
To put one on one’s mettle – To rouse one to do one’s best
To ride hell for leather – To ride with furious speed
To speak daggers – To speak to a person with hostility
Be in the mire – Be in difficulties
To give a rap on the knuckles – To rebuke
Sum and substance – Summary
A drug in the market – Commodities no in demand
Mealy-mouthed – Cunning
Moot point – A debatable point
Give a wide berth – Keep away from
Brought to light – Disclose
Fits and stars – Irregularly
High and low  – Everywhere
Intends and purposes – Practically
Rest on my laurels  – Be complacent