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DRDO Develops “UV blaster”, Ultraviolet Disinfection Tower

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On 4th May 2020, The Laser Science & Technology Centre(LASTEC), Delhi-based, laboratory of the  Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO), Defence ministry with the assistance of New Age Instruments and Material Private Ltd., Gurugram developed “UV blaster” an ultraviolet(UV) disinfection tower for a quick and chemical-free sanitization of areas that are highly prone to the infection of novel coronavirus in method.DRDO UV Disinfection Tower named UV blasterKey Points:

i.The UV Blaster consists of six lamps of 43 watts of UVC power at 254 nanometre wavelength for 360 degree illumination and it can be accessed remotely through laptop or mobile phone with a WIFI link.

ii.There are four catagories of UV lights differentiated based on their wavelength. UV-C, a lower and powerful waelength of UV light which is found in the sunlight, used for the disinfection of the surfaces and used in hospitals which is used for mitigating the virus and this radiation prevent the cells from reproducing.

iii.The device can be used on high tech surfaces like computers and other gadgets in the offices and laboratories which cannot be sanitized using the chemical method.

iv.The device can be used effectively for areas with a large flow of population such as airports, shopping malls, metros, hotels, factories, offices, etc.,

v.The device takes around 10 minutes to disinfect a room of about 12×12 feet dimension, that is to disinfect a room of 400 square foot area can be sanitized within 30 minutes by positioning the device at different places in the room.

vi.The Sanitiser is user-friendly which will automatically switch off if there is any human intervention or an accidental opening of the room.

vii.The DRDO developed an automatic mist-based sanitiser and dispensing unit, a contactless sanitiser dispenser which sprays alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

About DRDO:
Defence Minister– Rajnath Singh
Chairman– G. Satheesh Reddy
Formed– 1958
Headquarters– New Delhi