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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that India’s Air passenger market in India grew at the fastest pace in the world in 2015 and India topped the domestic air passenger growth rankings.

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With annual growth of 18.8% (in a market of 80 million domestic passengers), India’s performance surpassed that of Russia (11.9% growth, in a market of 47 million domestic passengers)

The number of domestic fliers in India stood at 80 million, compared to Russia’s 47 million, China’s 394 million and the US’s 708 million.

Apart from this IATA also released the following data:

The top five airlines ranked by total scheduled passengers carried (domestic and international) were:

1American Airlines146.5 million
2Southwest Airlines144.6 millions
3Delta Airlines138.8 millions
4China souther Airlines19.3 millions
5Ryanair101.4 millions

Star Alliance, of which Air India is a member, maintained its position as the largest airline alliance in 2015, with 23% of total scheduled traffic, followed by SkyTeam (20.4%) and oneworld (17.8%).

The top five international/regional passenger airport-pairs within the Asia-Pacific region were (, up 2.1% from 2014), (, down 2.6%), -Hong Kong (3 million, increase of 29.2 (, up 13%) and (2.7 million, down 3.2%).

1Hong Kong-Taipei5.1 million
2Jakarta-Singapore3.4 million
3Bangkok Suvarnabhumi – Hong Kong3 million
4 Kuala Lumpur–Singapore2.7 million
5Hong Kong-Singapore2.7 million