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Descriptive Writing – Letter Writing For IBPS PO Set 2

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Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that  IBPS PO exam is near.One of the most important parts of this Exam is Descriptive Writing that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY/LETTER WRITING Which are asked in the IBPS PO Exam.

Letter Writing: Write a letter to the editor expressing your concerns over usage of harmful pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

27 , Babar Lane
Shankar Market
New Delhi
16th August , 2018

The Editor
The Times Of India
New Delhi

Subject – Concern over usage of harmful pesticides in fruits and vegetables

Sir ,

I write this letter to express my concern over usage of harmful pesticides in fruits and vegetables which is flagrant everywhere these days. Adulteration of fruits and vegetables with toxic chemicals are rapidly being used by the vendors irrespective of its harmful impacts on the consumers.It acts as ‘silent killer’ since all these are widely contaminated everywhere and it poses a serious threat to the public health.

Pesticides and other poisonous chemicals used in growing fruit and vegetables could be putting young children at risk of developing cancer in later life.  They are not being grown organically and to make a small amount of profit , its users are shamelessly growing fruits and vegetables by unethical means in order to make them grow instantly.  Ironically, people from all walks of life are aware of the hazards of adulteration  with toxic chemicals, but this knowledge is not translated into doing anything about it.

For achieving this , enforcement of laws with the execution of highest penalty possible, awareness-building campaign among consumers, promotion of ethical practices among the business community and development of public health labs to test food items for adulteration are needed.

Through your newspaper , I appeal to the concerned authorities to look into the matter and take swift action. I hope you will give space to my views in your reputed daily to spread awareness.

Yours faithfully