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Descriptive Writing – Essay For SBI PO set 6

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Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that SBI PO both exams are near.One of the most important part of these Exams is Descriptive Writing Exam that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY/LETTER WRITING Which are asked in the SBI PO Exams.

Essay on positive effects of Hike in the salary of an employee

Economists have argued many a times regarding increase in pay of the workers leading to improvements in productivity , thereby , leading to increase in the profits of the company. A regular hike in the salary always boosts up an employee which increases his efficiency. Also , his faith towards his employer increases which in turn improves the bonding between the two.

It has been observed that a broad -based increase in wages leads to the improvement of overall performance of employees. In a way , it helps in lifting the morale of employers. Also , higher wages leads to improvements in customer service.  Discipline is also a major factor and it may be seen that higher pay requires less disciplinary actions since they work in a co-operative manner. Taking leaves and absenting themselves also gets reduced since the salary of employers is sufficient enough to enable them to come at work daily without any excuse.

High paying firms and companies create a culture of hard work where there is reduction of hiring supervisors since employees monitor their co-workers. It may be the reason that low wage maintenance workers needed more supervision. Hence , higher salary leads to low monitoring costs. Higher wages are synonymous with better health and less illness which enhances the productivity of workers. There is a greater job satisfaction which results in minimum conflicts and arguments between employer and employees.

Besides job satisfaction and work environment , hike in salary is a major factor which plays a pivotal role in influencing the motivation of employees. The contribution to the organization by the employees increases at an immense level. A routine hike in salary also negates the thought of switching jobs in the minds of employees which adds a positive effect in the organization. The loss of employee disappears as he feels more secure in the present organization.

To conclude , it must be acknowledged that hike in the salaries is really the need of the hour to increase the productivity of an organization. It is beneficial in all the aspects- employee growth , profits of the organization , less resources required etc.