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Current Affairs Quiz : September 11 2017

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs quiz September 11 2017 to achieve more marks in Banking , insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT ,railway  and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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  1. Who has laid the foundation for first Greenfield smart city project in Ranchi?
    1. Venkaiah Naidu
    2. Rajnath Singh
    3. Nitin Gadkari
    4. Piyush Goyal
    5. Narendra Modi
    Answer – 1- Venkaiah Naidu

    Vice president M.Venkaiah Naidu laid the foundation stone for the first and only greenfield smart city project, in Ranchi coming up on the HEC land. It is his maiden visit to Jharkhand after becoming vice president.He also laid the foundation stone for an urban civic centre, a convention centre and an urban planning and management institute.The smart city is coming up on 656 acres of HEC land which would be fully wi-fi, carbon free, garbage free locality with modernised housing, traffic management system, education hub and equipped with facilities like round the clock power and water supplies.

  2. Which cabinet approves changing state’s name to Bangla?
    1. Assam
    2. Andhra Pradesh
    3. West Bengal
    4. Kerala
    5. Madhya Pradesh
    Answer – 3- West Bengal

    The West Bengal government cleared a proposal to rename the state as ‘Bangla’ and sent a proposal to the Centre for approval. The Mamata Banerjee government had earlier too sent a proposal for the change of name, but it was rejected by the central government. The earlier proposal had three different names for the state – Bangla in Bengali, Bangal in Hindi and Bengal in English. In order to avoid the confusion the government decided to send another proposal to change it to only ‘Bangla’ in all three languages including Hindi, English and Bengali.

  3. Which state will provide skill training to 30000 surrendered militants?
    1. Assam
    2. Andhra Pradesh
    3. Himachal Pradesh
    4. Kerala
    5. Madya Pradesh
    Answer – 1- Assam

    Assam government announced that it would provide skill development training to 30,000 surrendered militants.Mission Director of Assam Skill Development, Mr.A.P.Tiwari said that the skill development training would be given to 30,000 surrendered militants and jail inmates, during an AIR (All India Radio) talk show. He said that the Assam Skill Development Mission would provide skill training in 40 sectors.The training would start by the end of September, 2017.

  4. The 5th edition of the ‘Coastal Shipping and Inland Water Transportation Business Summit 2017’ on 22nd of September will be hosted by which city?
    1. Chennai
    2. kochi
    3. Hyderabad
    4. Mumbai
    5. Lucknow
    Answer – 2- Kochi

    Kochi will host the 5th edition of the ‘Coastal Shipping and Inland Water Transportation Business Summit 2017’ on 22nd of September at Hotel Crowne Plaza announced on 10th of Sept. 2017.Kerala Governor P Sathasivam will present the India Seatrade Award for Excellence in Coastal Shipping & Inland Water Transportation.

  5. The traditional Bonderam festival started in which Island of Goa?
    1. IIha grande
    2. Grand Island
    3. Chorao
    4. Snorkeling
    5. Divar
    Answer – 5- Divar

    The traditional Bonderam festival has started in Divar Island of Goa on 9th September 2017.The word “Bonderam” originated from the involvement of flags. This festival starts with a flag which is accompanied by the brass band.The festival is a memoir to the dispute and the fury of the Villagers over the Portuguese system of resolving the disputes.Bonderam is a very popular monsoon festival in Goa and it draws huge crowds from all parts of Goa and world over.On this day a carnival ambiance is created. Each section of the village has a float at the parade.Melodious music could be heard throughout the village.

  6. ADB has granted how much million to Nepal to enhance power transmission?
    1. $175
    2. $655
    3. $325
    4. $152
    5. $365
    Answer – 4. $152

    Asian Development Bank announced that it would provide $152 million loan to Nepal, to enhance power transmission, in Kathmandu.The loan agreement was signed between Nepal’s Finance Secretary Mr.Shanta Raj Subedi and Officer-in-charge of the ADB’s Nepal Resident Mission Mr.Sharad Bhandari, in Kathmandu.The loan amount would be utilized to implement the Power Transmission and Distribution Efficiency Enhancement Project (PTDEEP).

  7. Eastern Economic Forum is held in which country?
    1. USA
    2. NewZealand
    3. Singapore
    4. Russia
    5. U.K.
    Answer – 4 – Russia

    : External Affairs Minister Ms.Sushma Swaraj arrived at Vladivostok, in Russia on a three day visit till 8th September, 2017.The Eastern Economic Forum is considered as the biggest international communication platform for co – operation between businesses leaders and senior government representatives from Russia, the Pacific Region and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

  8. Second Indian Worker’s Resource centre has been inaugurated in which country?
    1. U.K.
    2. NewZealand
    3. Singapore
    4. USA
    5. UAE
    Answer – 5 – UAE

    Indian Ambassador in UAE Navdeep Singh Suri inaugurated its second Indian Worker’s Resource Centre (IWRC) in Sharjah ,UAE to provide support and counselling to Indians particularly blue collar workers in distress on legal, personal and financial matters, free of cost.
    70 per cent of Indians in UAE are blue collared workers, who are at times faced with issues involving salaries, fake employment visas or job offers or even matters pertaining to registration of marriages etc

  9. Name the Former Odisha Health Minister who has passed away on 11th sep. 2017.
    1. Syed Mustafiz Ahmed
    2. S. Paul
    3. Sultan Ahmed
    4. Ahmed Khan
    5. Vijay Nambisan
    Answer – 1- Syed Mustafiz Ahmed

    Syed Mustafiz Ahmed (76) passed away today following a prolonged illness. A popular leader, Ahmed had served as health minister between 1990 and 1995 when Biju Patnaik was the chief minister. Patnaik described Ahmed as “a simple man who stood by the people through thick and thin”. He was an able organiser and social worker. He had played a significant role for the development of Cuttack

  10. Who has become the first woman to run 10 km distance for 29 minutes 43 seconds on road?
    1. Joycilline Jepkosgei
    2. David Epstein
    3. Ryan
    4. Katherine
    5. Patrick
    Answer – 1- Joycilline Jepkosgei of Kenya

    Joycilline Jepkosgei is a 23 year old Kenyan runner.She has become the first woman to run 10 km distance under 30 minutes on road.She ran at the Birell Prague Grand Prix and broke her previous record of 30 minutes 4 seconds.Track and road racing records are maintained separately by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)Jepkosgei has broken a total of five records this year.She has set new marks for the 10km, 15km, 20km and half-marathon.

  11. Which country has discovered 3500 year old royal tomb?
    1. Russia
    2. Egypt
    3. Germany
    4. Sweden
    5. France
    Answer – 2- Egypt

    Egypt announced the discovery of a tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith who lived more than 3,500 years ago, in Luxor, Egypt.The tomb was discovered by Egyptian archaeologists.The tomb is located on the west bank of the river Nile in Draa Abul-Naga, a cemetery where noblemen and top government officials were buried.The tomb belongs to a royal goldsmith named Amenemhat. He lived during the 18th dynasty (about 1567 B.C. to 1320 B.C.). He had dedicated his work to to Amon-Re, an Eqyptian God.

  12. Digital assistance robot-ELEKTRA has been launched by which company?
    1. Reliance Energy
    2. Infosys
    3. Wipro
    4. IBM
    5. TCS
    Answer – 3- Reliance Energy

    Reliance Energy has launched a digital assistance robot named ELEKTRA. This system provides automated responses to customers for their queries and requests. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence.This robot comes into action whenever a customer logs in to Reliance Energy’s Facebook page or website.This digital assistance robot takes help of SCADA and GIS systems to provide real-time responses to the customers.During peak hours, consumers will get an immediate response to their queries from ELEKTRA without any waiting time.

  13. Who has been honoured at International event for work in organic farming?
    2. S.C. Jamir
    3. KK Paul
    4. Pawan Chamling
    5. Joseph Wilhelm
    Answer – 4- Pawan Chamling

    During a ceremony at Germany’s Lagau on the occasion of the One World Festival Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling was honoured for his pioneering work in the field of organic farming.Chamling was conferred the Grand Prix Award during the One World Award ceremony on 8th September.The award was given by Gerd Muller, the Federal Minister of Bavaria, and Joseph Wilhelm, German Organic Pioneer and Managing Director of Rupenzel.

  14. Name the person who has resigned from International Olympic Committee?
    1. Pat Hickey
    2. Paula Radcliffe
    3. Patrick Makau
    4. Kathrine Switzer
    5. Joseph Wilhelm
    Answer – 4- Pat Hickey

    Mr.Pat Hickey has resigned from his member position in the International Olympic Committee Executive Boardafter he was accused in a ticket selling scandal in Rio Olympics 2016, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.He was arrested by Brazilian police during the Rio Olympics 2016 and was held in jail. He was later released on bail. He has claimed innocent of his charges till date. Mr.Hickey has stated in the letter that once he proves his innocence against all charges he wishes to rejoin the committee as a member.

  15. Which has become the first world’s longest storm to bear 185 mph winds in 30 years?
    1. Hurricane Katrina
    2. Hurricane Irma
    3. Hurricane Irene
    4. Hurricane Wilma
    5. Hurricane Ike
    Answer – 2- Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma has become the first storm in the world to sustain winds of 185 miles per hour for more than 24 hours. It’s the longest storm to sustain this speed since the 1970s.The hurricane, which has already devastated several islands in the Caribbean, is headed toward south Florida, where the National Hurricane Center has issued evacuation orders.

  16. Who has won SABA U-16 Championship 2017?
    1. Nepal
    2. India
    3. Bhutan
    4. Srilanka
    5. Bangladesh
    Answer – 2- India

    India won the Second South Asian Basketball, SABA, Under – 16 Championship, in Kathmandu, Nepal.The championship was held at Dashrath Rangshala Stadium, in Kathmandu.India won all its 4 matches and obtained a total of 8 points.In its last match India defeated Bhutan by 131 – 50 points.India was followed by Bangladesh in the 2ndposition and Nepal in the 3rd.The championship followed a round robin league format.India has now qualified for the 2017 International Basketball Federation, FIBA, Under-16 Asian Championship to be played in Malaysia, in 2017.

  17. BCCI has released player’s handbook by what title?
    1. Be a performer in last 5 over
    2. How to tackle the situation
    3. The life and opinions
    4. 100 things every professional cricketer must know
    5. The catcher in the Rye
    Answer – – 100 things every professional cricketer must know

    The book has been released by Committee of Administrators (CoA).The book titled ‘100 things every professional cricketer must know’ which is also in line with Lodha recommendations. The handbook has been forwarded by former India captain and current India A coach Rahul Dravid. This covers as many as 10 topics including handling pressure, having legal knowledge, dealing with media and knowledge of keeping fit and eating well