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Current Affairs Quiz: 2 & 3 May 2021

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Top 10 Questions Based on Current Affairs 2 & 3 May 2021

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  1. _______ Indian Naval ships were used in Operation Samudra Setu-II for bringing ________ to India.
    1) 15, Indian citizens
    2) 5, COVID-19 Vaccines
    3) 7, COVID-19 Vaccines
    4) 15, Oxygen Containers
    5) 7, Oxygen Containers
    Answer-5) 7, Oxygen Containers
    Indian Navy has launched Operation Samudra Setu-II for shipment of Liquid oxygen-filled cryogenic containers & associated medical equipment to India from other countries. For this Operation, Indian Navy deployed 7 Indian Naval ships(INS) viz. INS Kolkata, INS Kochi, INS Talwar, INS Tabar, INS Trikand, INS Jalashwa and INS Airavat.
    In ‘Operation Samudra Setu’ 3,992 Indian citizens were brought back to India by the Navy.

  2. ____________ will provide 6 Poseidon-8I (P-8I) Patrol Aircraft to India for the use of ____________.
    1) USA, Indian Navy
    2) France, Indian Army
    3) Russia, Indian Navy
    4) Russia, Indian Army
    5) USA, Indian Air Force
    Answer-1) USA, Indian Navy
    The United States State Department has approved the proposed sale of 6 Poseidon-8I (P-8I) Patrol Aircraft and other equipment to India. The deal is estimated to cost USD 2.42 Billion (~ INR 18, 000 Crore).
    It is being procured by the Indian Government for use by the Indian Navy.

  3. Two schemes: SHWAS & AROG were launched to provide loans to MSMEs during COVID-19 pandemic.
    What are the points that are correctly related to the Schemes?
    A) IDBI Bank launched the SHWAS & AROG schemes
    B) Loans upto Rs. 2 crores can be availed within 48 hours through the schemes
    C) Only MSMEs which are involved in manufacturing of essential medical products for COVID-19 can avail the benefits
    1) Only A & C
    2) All A, B & C
    3) Only B & C
    4) Only B
    5) Only A & B
    Answer-3) Only B & C
    In order to manage the national emergency and distress caused by COVID-19, the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has launched SHWAS & AROG, two new quick credit delivery schemes to help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
    i.SHWAS will fund MSMEs who are engaged in manufacturing of oxygen cylinders, oxy-generators etc.
    ii.AROG fund for MSMEs engaged in manufacturing of Pulse Oximeters, Permitted COVID-19 drugs, Ventilators, and PPEs
    iii.Both the schemes will provide the MSME units with 100% funding up to an amount of ₹2 crores at an attractive interest rate of 4.5-6 %, within 48 hours

  4. With which financial service provider, the cryptocurrency exchange ‘Gemini’ partnered to provide the 1st of its kind Cryptocurrency Rewards Credit Card?
    1) PayPal
    2) Maestro
    3) Visa
    4) Mastercard
    5) American Express
    Answer-4) Mastercard
    Mastercard in partnership with Cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini & WebBank, a leader in digital lending and the bank issuing the credit card to launch a 1st of its kind, Cryptocurrency rewards credit card.
    About Mastercard:
    Executive Chairman: Ajay Banga
    CEO: Michael Miebach
    Headquarters: New York, USA

  5. In May2021, __________ mandated all key employees of Asset Management Companies to contribute ___________ of their salary in Mutual Funds Schemes.
    1) RBI, 10%
    2) SEBI, 20%
    3) RBI, 15%
    4) SEBI, 10%
    5) RBI, 20%
    Answer-2) SEBI, 20%
    In order to bring transparency in the acts of Asset Management Companies (AMC) Key employees, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated Key employees of AMCs to pay 20% of their salary (including perks, bonus, non-cash compensation net of income tax and statutory contributions like Employees Provident Fund) in units of mutual fund schemes in which they have a role/oversight.

  6. Which bank launched the “Immune India Deposit Scheme” that provides an additional interest rate of 25 basis points to vaccinated people?
    1) Canara Bank
    2) Union Bank of India
    3) Central Bank of India
    4) Punjab National Bank
    5) Bank Of India
    Answer-3) Central Bank of India
    Central Bank of India launched the “Immune India Deposit Scheme” a special deposit scheme to provide an additional interest rate of 25 basis points in addition to the applicable card rate for the vaccinated people.

  7. Who was appointed as the new Chairman & Managing Director of BEML Ltd in May 2021?
    1) DK Hota
    2) Amit Banerjee
    3) MV Rajasekhar
    4) Suneet Sharma
    5) MV Gowtama
    Answer-2) Amit Banerjee
    The Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), has appointed Amit Banerjee the Director (Rail & Metro Business) of BEML limited, as the new Chairman and Managing Director(CMD) of BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited) Limited, a Miniratna Defence Public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Defence.
    BEML is headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

  8. Name the smallest black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy.
    1) The Dragon
    2) Mermaid
    3) Little Phoenix
    4) Lone Wolf
    5) The Unicorn
    Answer-5) The Unicorn
    Scientists have discovered the smallest known black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy and the closest black hole to the solar system. This black hole has been nicknamed “the Unicorn”.

  9. Which City will host the ASBC 2021 Asian Elite Men and Women Boxing Championships, as of May 2021?
    1) New Delhi, India
    2) Beijing, China
    3) Dubai, UAE
    4) Manila, Philippines
    5) Jakarta, Indonesia
    Answer-3) Dubai, UAE
    Due to the International travel restrictions and rising COVID-19 cases in India, the Boxing Federation of India (BFI), in consultation with the Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) decided to conduct the 2021 Asian Elite Men and Women Boxing Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which was previously scheduled in Delhi.

  10. Which article of the Indian Constitution prohibits human trafficking & forced labour?
    1) Article 15
    2) Article 25
    3) Article 21
    4) Article 14
    5) Article 23
    Answer-5) Article 23
    Traffic in human beings and begar and other similar forms of forced labour are prohibited under Article 23 of the Constitution.