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Current Affairs April 28 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs April 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Union Government allows states to put stock holding limits on which product to impose and enforce stock limits to verify its market Price rise?
    D.Crude Oil
    Answer – C. Sugar
    Explanation :
    The move will empower State and Central players to impose stock limits and regulate supply, distribution, storage and trade of sugar to bring down sugar prices at reasonable level.

  2. Which Government inaugurated 100 piped water supply projects for rural areas and pledged to make piped water provision in all Gram Panchayats by 2017?
    Answer – A. Odisha
    Explanation :
    The Government has estimated cost of Rs 72 crore, will help 1, 72,000 people residing in rural areas. Earlier the government had inaugurated 100 urban drinking water supply projects for 41 urban local bodies of 20 districts in Odisha.

  3. Which among the following state does not implement the National Food Security Act recently empowers 87% of the priority households?
    D.Arunachal Pradesh
    Answer – B.Sikkim
    Explanation :
    Northeastern states Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh to implement the National Food Security Act, 2013. This scheme empowers 87 per cent of the priority households in the state population.

  4. India ranks which position in worldwide doping violation in World Anti-Doping Agency report which was created by the International Olympic Committee?
    Answer – C.3rd
    Explanation :
    India has become No. 3rd in Anti-Doping Rule Violation in 2014 – WADA reported. The decision will be taken against an athlete following full disciplinary proceedings.

  5. Which Country currency note has been selected as Best banknote of the year which was Canada Banknote Company?
    A.New Zealand Dollar
    B.Sweden Krone
    C.Russia Ruble
    D.Australian Dollar
    Answer – A.New Zealand Dollar
    Explanation :
    Mountaineer and Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary is featured on face of the $5 bill currency note which is best Bank Note of the year.
    Designed by: Canada Banknote Company

  6. On April 28th is being observed as world Day for Safety and Health at work every to promote a safe and Healthy work environment. The Day is brainchild of which organization?
    A.World Trade Organisation
    B.World health Organisation
    C.United Nations
    D.International Labour Organisation
    Answer – D.International Labour Organisation
    Explanation :
    Since 2003, World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed worldwide on April 28 every year to promote a safe and healthy work environment for employees around the globe. The day is the brainchild of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

  7. Veteran Artist cartoonist Vadakkal Thoppil Thomas passed away at the age of 86 in Kottayam. He related to which field?
    Answer – C. Cartoon
    Explanation :
    His impression created everlasting cartoon characters like Bobanum Moliyum (Boban and Molly).The Bobanum Moliyum strip was first published in Malayala Manorama in 1957. Toms retired from the newspaper in 1987.

  8. Indian Archer________________________ equals the world record in the woman’s recurve event at the Archery World Cup in Shanghai.
    A.Deepika Kumari
    B.Rimil Buriuly
    C.Dola Banerjee
    D.Laxmi Rani
    Answer – A. Deepika Kumari
    Explanation :
    She gained a score of 686/720 that equaled the record-breaking score of 686/720 set by South Korean archer Ki Bo-Bae in 2015 and selected for Rio Olympics.

  9. ISRO recently launched which satellite to mark Seventh Navigational Satellite IRNSS 1G from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in April 2016?
    A.IRNSS 1E
    B.IRNSS 1G
    C.IRNSS 1H
    D.IRNSS 1D
    Answer – B. IRNSS 1G
    Explanation :
    ISRO developed PSLV-C33 is carrying India’s seventh navigation satellite IRNSS-1G which is blasted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.Seventh navigational satellite IRNSS 1G launched.

  10. Who has been selected as vice president of South Sudan after winding up the civil war after two years?
    A.Riek Machar
    B.Salva Kiir
    C.Mahela Machar
    D.Silva Kube
    Answer –A. Riek Machar
    Explanation :
    South Sudan’s rebel Chief Riek Machar made as Vice president of the Country. On returning to the country he sworn in as Vice president and wind up the civil war after two years.

  11. United Nations decided to include an Indian Academician in University Council to formulate its principles & policies. Who is he/she?
    A.Deepika Rani
    B.Mohana Sundar
    C.Radha Kumar
    Answer – C. Radha Kumar
    Explanation :
    Selected 12 members of the council should serve with individual capacity and not as representatives of their country. They should aim of achieving a geographic and gender balance in the fields of Academic, scientific, educational and cultural trends.

  12. Which Indian Institute of Management has acquired the EQUIS accreditation and only Indian business school to achieve the Triple Crown in Accreditation?
    Answer – B. Calcutta
    Explanation :
    With EQUIS accreditation, IIM Calcutta becomes the first Indian business School to achieve the “Triple Crown” in Accreditation.

  13. Japanese Automobile maker Isuzu has inaugurated the new factory at __________ in Andhra Pradesh paving way for LCV and UV markets?
    Answer – D. SriCity
    Explanation :
    The Production plant was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. Light Commercial vehicle and Utility Vehicle Markets to be manufactured.

  14. Singapore Based DBS development bank launched which bank in India to use technologies like biometrics and Artificial Intelligence?
    D.None of the above
    Answer – D. None of the above
    Explanation :
    Singapore based DBS Development Bank launched a mobile-only bank in India. The dedicated digibank uses technologies for paperless, Signature less and branchless bank

  15. Union Government nods to Memorandum of Understanding of IRDAI with which nation Insurance Authority to pave the way for enhanced cooperation in Insurance supervision?
    Answer – C. UAE
    Explanation :
    Union government has gives its ex-post facto approval for the MoU that links Hyderabad based Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India and Insurance Authority of United Arab Emirates.