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Current Affairs April 23 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs April 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. The Union government has announced the rules on the SC and ST Act, 1989 that it is mandate to file charge within how many days once complaint is lodged?
    Answer – D.60
    Explanation :
    The amended rules will ensure speedy clearance of case file by the SC/ST and it also necessary to file Charge sheet within 60 days after a complaint is lodged

  2. Andhra Pradesh government has initiated to construct Agri-Plastic Park in which city that should have Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology?
    Answer – B.Vijayawada
    Explanation :
    Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Ananth Kumar laid the foundation for construction of the CIPET at Surampalli and announced that the state to have Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology to train 5000 engineers and to be set up in Anantapur, Vijayawada

  3. Finance Ministry has formed a sub-committee to be headed by Former Chief Economic Advisor Ashok Lahiri to examine the excised duty on which product?
    B.Gold bar
    D.Crude Oil
    Answer – C.Jewellery
    Explanation :
    The Sub-committee headed by Ashok Lahiri panel to interact with the trade and industry on the imposition of Central Excise duty on Jewellery.

  4. To diminish the risk of farming union government has set up panel to make a framework for doubling farmer’s income by which year?
    Answer – A.2022
    Explanation :
    Union Government has decided to set up panel to prepare framework to double farm income by 2022 and panel will be headed by Agriculture Ministry Additional Secretary Ashok Dalwai.

  5. Union Minister DrJitendra Singh in which state launched the Cancer Care campaign in Northeast under the auspices of North Eastern Council Pink Chain Cancer conclave?
    Answer – C.Shillong
    Explanation :
    The campaign has many programmes and the initiative would also to update the medical professionals on the recent advances in Treatment and Control.

  6. India officially signed the World Trade Organisation’s which agreement to make easier at customs procedures to boost commerce?
    A.Trade development
    B.Trade functional
    C.Trade motivation
    D.Trade Facilitation
    Answer – D.Trade Facilitation
    Explanation :
    The Instrument of Acceptance signed in Geneva and has been handed over by the India’s WTO ambassador Anjali Prasad to WTO Director General Roberto Azevedo. India will be 76th WTO member to accept the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

  7. Union Government and French Government jointly launched programmes under which alliance in order to develop the massive progress in Solar Energy?
    A.International Solar Alliance
    B.National Solar Energy Alliance
    C.World Solar Power Alliance
    D.Global Solar summit
    Answer – A.International Solar Alliance
    Explanation :
    The two programmes of the International Solar alliance are Affordable finance at Scale and scaling solar applications for agricultural use.

  8. Which company ranks first in most influential brand in India and study carried out by research firm Paris based Ipsos?
    Answer – D.Google
    Explanation :
    Search giant Google ranks on the top of the new list of ten most influential brands in the country. The List is followed by Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft and Samsung

  9. World Book and Copyright day is observed _______________________ of every year by UNESCO in order to encourage world word tribute to books and Authors?
    A.22nd April
    B.23rd April
    C.21st May
    D.23rd May
    Answer – B.23rd April
    Explanation :
    The day also known as International day of the Book or World Book day. On this day Shakespeare died in 1616

  10. India has to play its first Day Night Test against with which country in 2016?
    C.New Zealand
    D.West Indies
    Answer – C.New Zealand
    Explanation :
    Indian Cricket Team will play its First Day-Night test against the New ZealanD.Australia based Kookaburra had developed the pink ball to ball during Night.

  11. What Technology adopted by NASA to make Rocket Engine for MARS and other deep space Missions?
    A.3 Dimensional Printing
    B.Robotics controlled
    C.X-Ray based
    D.Fusion Based
    Answer – A.3 Dimensional Printing
    Explanation :
    3D printed rocket engine turbo pump with liquid methane for NASA’s journey to MARS and other deep space missions.

  12. Who has become the first Ambassador for Girl child under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Project which was launched by Prime Minister to increase the child sex ratio?
    A.Pankaj Kumar
    C.Pankaj Sharma
    D.None of the Above
    Answer – A.Pankaj Kumar
    Explanation :
    Nagaland Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar has become the first Ambassador for Girl Child and he will provide one under privileged girl child to live a better life besides contributing towards quality of such girls.

  13. Shri Bishwadip Dey was appointed as the High Commissioner of India to the which country?
    A.West Indies
    D.Trinidad and Tobago
    Answer – D.Trinidad and Tobago
    Explanation :
    He is currently working as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Embassy of India, Thimphu.

  14. Our President recently nominated _______________ personalities from different fields on recommendations of the government?
    Answer – B.6
    Explanation :
    President Pranab Mukherjee having powers to nominate the members of RajyaSabha from various fields such as Literature, Science, Sports, Art and Social Service.

  15. Who has been awarded Best Actress award in an International narrative feature honour at Tribeca film festival in New York?
    A.Priyanka Chopra
    D.Katrina Kaif
    Answer – B.Radhika Apte
    Explanation :
    She is an Indian Film Actress and acted various Languages has won best actress award for her contribution in the Film Madly.