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Computer Classification (IBPS PO & Clerk)

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According to size, computer classification are of 4 types namely

  • Mainframe computers
  • Mini computers
  • Micro computers
  • Super computers

Mainframe computers

Mainframe computers occupy large space, sensitive to parameters like temperature, humidity, etc., They have large storage capacity, many accessories or peripherals and performs many tasks. It is not user-friendly, can be used only by qualified or trained professionals. It is used to service multiple users with numerous software. They are used by large corporations, governments, banks, etc.,

Mini computers

Mini computers posses less memory and storage than mainframe computers. They are used for data processing, while they are sensitive to parameters like temperature, humidity, etc., It posses less peripherals and limited software than the mainframe computers.

Micro computers

Micro computers are also known as personal computers. They are cheap, affordable, user-friendly and easily accessable. It is widely used in companies, offices, household, schools, colleges, etc., It posses less accessories like keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitor, etc.,

Super computers

Super computers are used for complex mathematical operations. They are used for weather forecasting, nuclear simulations, scientific computations, fluid dynamics, cyclone predication, etc., They are used by research institutions, space centres, weather forecast stations, nuclear power stations, etc.,

According to functions, computer can be classed into 4 types namely

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Information appliances
  • Embedded computers


Servers are the kind of computer used to provide services. It depends on the service like database, file, web, etc.,


Workstations are kind of computers intended to single user but can use multi-user operating system.

Information appliances

Information appliances are the portable or handy devices designed to perform simple operations like calculations, games, etc., They have limited memory and limited operations capabilities and software. Example – Mobile phones, Tablets, etc.,

Embedded Computers

Embedded computers are used in another machines to serve limited requirements. It executes program in the non-volatile memory to operate an intended machine or electronic device. They cannot be rebooted unlike normal computers, required to operate continuously. Embedded computers are used widely in day-to-day life. Example – Washing machine, DVD player, etc.,