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C-CAMP sign MoU with India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre to nurture frugal innovations

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C-CAMP-inks-pact-with-India-Sweden-Healthcare-Innovation-Centre-to-nurture-frugal-innovationsOn September 4, 2020, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre (ISIC) to identify and find innovations to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for all.

The Collaboration is aimed at building a strong crop of biopharmaceuticals, medtech, diagnostics, nutraceuticals and other healthcare interventions in India. 

Key Points:

i.The goal of the partnership is to create an open, holistic innovation system for scalable solutions. 

ii.The partnership will extend to ISIC (India-Sweden Innovation Challenge) Innovation Challenge 2020 and will look to drive sweeping changes in the healthcare delivery system in India.

iii.It will provide an innovation platform for ‘continuum of care’ which encompasses diagnostics, palliative care and therapeutic interventions.

iv.In accordance with the MoU, both parties will use each other’s ecosystems to promote high-impact startups from the health care sector.

v.Startups will now be able to access AIIMS Jodhpur incubation facilities and AIIMS Jodhpur labs for carrying out clinical research on their products.

vi.ISIC will also provide networking opportunities for gaining International traction.

Frugal Innovations:

Frugal innovations are ‘good enough’ affordable products which can improve quality at the same cost as other solutions or provide the same quality at lower costs.

India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Challenge:

i.The India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre is a tripartite collaboration between Swedish Trade Commissioner’s Office, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and AIIMS Jodhpur, including partners such as Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, ICMR, Startup India, Atal Innovation Mission and Nasscom.

ii.It acts as a growth catalyst for startups through mentorship, networking and funding access and by enabling international expansion.

About C-CAMP
Chief Executive Order (CEO), DirectorTaslimarif Saiyed
Headquarters – Bangalore, Karnataka