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BUSY Accounting Software tied-up with ICICI Bank for Banking Solutions

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BUSY Accounting Software, ICICI Bank tie-upA business accounting software BUSY has collaborated with ICICI ((Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) Bank for banking solutions.

How BUSY users will benefit from this partnership?

i.This integration will allow BUSY users to reconcile their bank statements automatically, do accounting, fetch bank details, make payments, etc., directly from the software. This will improve their business efficiencies.

ii.Now customers from the MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) sector can experience contextual banking by connecting their banking and accounting, which was available only to big companies.

iii.Also, users who do not have an ICICI Bank Current Account can conveniently apply for a new one from BUSY software itself.

How will ICICI customers benefit from this partnership?

ICICI Bank’s current account holders can securely connect their bank account to BUSY Accounting Software.

Key Points:

i.BUSY aims to simplify the routine business activities of MSMEs, and SMEs therefore it is connecting its software with banks and payment gateways to give access to its users for handling all business banking needs online.

ii.On ICICI front, this collaboration aims to promote the concept of ‘integrated banking’ through ‘Bank Plugins’ that enables MSMEs to perform various banking functions like invoice collections, payments, and automated reconciliations on a common platform.

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After its partnership with SWIFT on June 02, 2021, ICICI Bank became the 1st bank in Asia-Pacific and the 2nd globally to offer the facility called ‘SWIFT gpi (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Global Payments Innovation) Instant’, the facility for cross border inward payments.

BUSY Accounting Software:

Establishment– 1993
Managing Director (MD)– Dinesh Kumar Gupta
Chairman– Harish Chander
Headquarters– Delhi

About ICICI Bank:

Establishment– 1955 (Incorporated in 1994)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra
Managing Director (MD) & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)– Sandeep Bakhshi
Tagline– Hum hai na, Khayal Apka