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Bribery Risk Index 2019: India marked 78th among 200 countries, Bangladesh tops in South Asia   

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On November 14, 2019, According to the report titled ‘Trace Bribery Risk Matrix 2019’, India has ranked 78th among 200 countries. Bangladesh ranked 178th and became highest bribery risk country among South Asian countries. New Zealand tops in least risk and Somalia became top risk country among 200 countries.
New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are the top five least bribery risky countries in the world. Somalia, South Sudan, North Korea, Yemen and Venezuela are top most bribery risky countries.bribery-index

TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix: – 
The TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix (TRACE Matrix) processes business bribery risk in 200 countries, territories, and autonomous and semi-autonomous regions. Each country is given a score from 1 to 100 for each domain and for the total bribery risk. 

Top least bribery risk countries: –

Countries Rank
New Zealand 1
Norway 2
Denmark 3
Sweden 4
Finland 5
India 78

 Top most bribery risk countries: –

Countries Rank
Somalia 200
South Sudan 199
North Korea 198
Yemen 197
Venezuela 196