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Beagle 2 Spacecraft found after 11 years

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Beagle 2 is a British Spacecraft launched in 2003 by the European Space Agency and it successfully landed on Mars. But Beagle 2 failed to deploy its solar plates. Without these plates, it is not possible to communicate with the Spacecraft from Earth. It was a mystery for these many years. Scientists supposed that the spacecraft had been destroyed in a high-velocity impact during landing.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) discovered the spacecraft with its HiRISE camera capable of taking high resolution images.

Knowledge is Wealth

European Space Agency’s next Mars Mission is called ExoMars.

The primary spaceport of ESA is Guiana Space Center at French Guiana.  

The Headquarters of ESA is Paris, France

The brain behind Beagle 2 was Professor Colin Pillinger of Open University

Pillinger died on May 2014 without knowing what happened to his Spacecraft.